Act As If…

June 02, 2017


“Hey Everybody, coming to you live from Denver. I just found out this place has 300 days of sunshine every single year, and today did not disappoint. It’s another beautiful day. And I am right in the middle of helping people have a paradigm shift. And they’re doing a quick exercise in the room. And while they’re doing that, I wanted to step out here and make sure to say hi. So today’s message, today’s lesson for day 14 of our 60 sunrises to success is the principle of acting as if. What does that mean? Act as if. How do you act as if? Well, for me, act as if creates a sense of confidence, because there’s gonna be a lot of things as you start to grow, and start to learn and start to earn, there’s gonna be new things for you. And part of the little voice in your head is going to say things like, well, I don’t know if we could do that, because we’ve never done it before. And so the major key to overcoming that is act as if. Act as if you’re already successful. Act as if you’re already driving the car, you want to drive, act as if you’re already having the physical body that you want, whatever that is. Act as if. That’s the major key. Acting as if gives you that confidence. Oh, Hey, look who I found, everybody!”

“Hey, what’s up, guys.”

“Mitch Nelson in the house. Let’s go. Great news. We’re on day 14, of our 60 sunrises to success. And we’re talking about acting as if being a success principle. So I guess while I got you here. How did you switch from $50,000 a year to 500,000? Did you act as if?”

“Yeah. Act as if, you know, to me what that means is fake it till you make it. And that’s a principle that I believe in. Yeah, you know, writing my book, getting the credibility that I had. It was something that I had to believe that I could do, and something that I had to almost pretend that I was doing in order to have the confidence to be able to continue to do it. And get better at it and grow. You know, I almost had to feign the credibility before I had it. Right. So act as if, if you want to be a million-dollar real estate investor act as if you already are. Act as if.”

“Yeah. So I took a training recently, and the trainer was talking about this question where he says, when you approach new things in life, and approach, even the same things that you’re going to be doing tomorrow, that’s already today, put it in this new perspective, and says, how would the person I intend to become, do the thing I’m about to do. How would the person that I intend to become do the thing I’m about to do? So whether that’s getting up and brushing your teeth, or eating breakfast, or you know, how you treat your coworkers or how you’re driving in traffic? Or you know, how you answer your ads or manage your time? How would the person you intend to become do the thing you’re about to do? Okay, and I’ve been asking myself that a lot of these last few years, and it’s led me to some incredible opportunities and relationships. If I didn’t act as if I was a successful real estate millionaire, when I met this guy, he never would have hung out with me. So that’s one of the major keys. Act as if. So that’s what I want to leave you with today. Act as if. How would the person you intend to become do the thing you’re about to do? And then the major key, do it that way? Do it that way. Okay, so with that, I appreciate you guys being here. We’ll see you guys next time.”