July 20, 2017

“We’re celebrating another beautiful day. Hi guys, today is Day 55. And today I want to talk to you in the world with my buddy Nick here, we’re going to talk about adaptability. Now what we’re celebrating is the success of Nick’s business and a new phase in his life. And today’s a perfect day to bring that up. Because it’s about adaptability, day 55 of our 60 sunrises to success. What’s up, Matt, thanks for joining us. And today, what we want to talk about is being flexible and being able to adapt. I know the marine saying adapt and overcome, adapt and overcome. And that’s if you want to have the life you want and the relationships you want the vitality and the and the friendships and the camaraderie, you got to be flexible, you got to one display this flexibility. 

So people know, when they come to you, that you’re easy to talk to, that you can bend and you’re not going to break, which also brings up a good point about trees. Now think about this, if there’s a big hurricane coming through, and we got trees, you know, 100 feet tall, huge, 100 years old trees, and they’re strong and sturdy. You know what happens in hurricanes, they get uprooted and knocked over. But you know what, trees are totally fine. Or the palm trees, right? They’re flexible, they’re going with the wind, they don’t break, they just bend right there to be flexible, so for you and your relationships and your business and what you’re going after. Flexibility is a major key. All right, guys, it’s flexibility with laws, you know, a few years ago and the Dodd Frank Act came out that changed a bunch of strategies we got to do in real estate. 

Now new laws are coming out. There are retirement account laws and tax laws. So we got to be adaptable and flexible. When those come out. We don’t just complain and wish about the past. We adapt. adaptability is a key, it’s a skill you guys must develop, then and then have that reputation so people know you’re flexible. Absolutely. Flexibility with your meal plan too. Right? Sometimes my personal trainer goes round, he says, Okay, how long should we let our friends be 20 pounds overweight? How long should we let our friends be 40 pounds overweight, you got to be flexible with stuff. You gotta start integrating exercise into your schedule and adapt to the new schedule, the new meal plan, whatever that is, maybe, maybe you’re your spouse wants to change something in your relationship. Okay, great. It’s time to adapt. 

So this is a great time, I want to get some insight from Nick. We’re congratulating him. He’s been behind the scenes working on a few businesses. I don’t know how much you guys know about him. But he’s been grown a lot. It’s been building his real estate business. He owns part of a pharmacy now a barbershop, and now he’s looking at a food business. I mean, this guy’s a serial entrepreneur. And this week marks a new week where he gets to adapt to a new schedule. Why is that?”

“Well, for a lot of you guys who don’t know, along with my real estate and my businesses that I do, I’ve also been working a full 40-hour job. And now I’m at a point in my life where I can actually quit the job and feel comfortable and retire from it. And just adapt to a new schedule of purely focusing on real estate, my businesses, and it’s going to be a major change in my life because now I’m gonna have an extra 40 hours every week that I have to fill and, and become flexible, like Michael was saying, so that, you know, I could continue to grow.”

“Yeah, how cool is that, guys? Do you think that’s awesome? Throw some thumbs up there, say Congrats, Nick. We’re really proud. adaptability right. Now sometimes people think well, I already have my job. And so I gotta go. And you got to remember 40 hours a week is the new zero. Yeah, right. That’s the new baseline. You’re not getting ahead with 40 hours a week. So we want to applaud him, congratulate him, and start following him. He’s going to be adding some value to your guys’ lives as we start to follow what it is to just grow a business and control your life like I’ve been telling you to take back your existence, this guy dying like a punk me.

 Alright, so I also want to let you guys know we’re going to be doing a new podcast soon, which will be called Take back your existence, where we really go in-depth on some of these concepts and ideas and training so that you can learn more, get more out of this. And so stay tuned for that. But this is a major key for you guys to keep expressing yourself and grow as a person is the ability to adapt to change. situations. A long time ago, one of my mentors said, hey, how do you make God laugh? I don’t know. She said, tell him your plan. Right So, that is the idea that we’re always going to have to constantly adapt. So make that a part of your life. Adapt to new waves. If you’re tired of your job. let’s adapt. There’s adaptability to this and you got to take on and start building something on the side so you can be like Nick, take back your existence guys, or die like a punk Peace out. Thanks.