Attitude of Gratitude

July 08, 2017

Hi, everyone. It’s a beautiful day. It’s day 45 of our 60 sunrises to success. And today’s topic is gratitude and having an attitude of gratitude. Now a lot of people think that it’s a mystery about how to be a magnet, how to bring people and things and ideas and opportunities to. And really what it comes down to, is, you got to be grateful, you got to have this attitude of gratitude. It’s something that magnetizes you, brings opportunities, relationships, money, business, all sorts of stuff to you. So, being grateful, it’s a daily practice, right? There are little things to be grateful for, and big things to be grateful for.

Whenever I go traveling, I get to look at these beautiful mountains here, living here in Salt Lake. But when I go traveling, I’m reminded about how grateful I am to have mountains, I go to places that don’t have these nice places to hike. And until it’s easy to be reminded of things. Now, I’m also grateful for friends and friendships. I’m grateful for the weather. I mean, there are so many things to be grateful for. I’m also really grateful for Mitch Nelson. He’s letting me drive his Corvette today. How exciting is that? Right, so much to be grateful for. So much to be grateful for. So if you want to build your business, you want to bring more people in your life, you want to bring happier people in your life? Well, it’s time to develop that attitude of gratitude.

One other thing, when I first started my story about that, my coach, my mentor, when I first started building a business, she told me if you want to change everything, you’ve got to have this attitude of gratitude. That’s the number one key to changing your life, you’ve got to be grateful for things. So today’s assignment for you guys, what I would encourage you to do and it’s an exercise that she had me do also was every day, for 10 days in a row, you write down 50 things you’re grateful for. 50 things that you are grateful for every day, and when you go and do it, and you repeat the next day, you are not allowed to repeat anything on that list, you can do the exercise again, and you think of 50 new things. Every day for 10 days, you’re gonna do this, and you’re gonna start getting really creative and start figuring out different things to be grateful for. On the ninth and 10th day, as I’m going through this exercise that I did in the past, I mean, I started writing down, I’m grateful for my eyebrows, and I’m grateful for my toes, and I’m grateful for my nose hairs. I mean, if you didn’t have nose hairs, you’d realize how much stuff would get in your nose. So when you really look around at things to be grateful for, there is a lot to be grateful for, you know.

I recently moved into a new house, and I’m putting these beds together and putting this new bed frame on and I kick it so hard, I stubbed my toe, and immediately don’t I think I am so grateful that I can feel there are people in this world that can’t feel right, they, their nervous system doesn’t work. So just the fact that you can feel the pain is something to be grateful for. You know, it really creates a new perspective on things because, you know, sometimes we complain about being five minutes late to something and we totally get it out of perspective. And, start to get mad at these things and we’re missing what to be grateful for. I’m grateful that I was in a car, to begin with, and I’d have to ride the bus to my meeting. I’m grateful that I got close to being aware of my meeting. I’m grateful, you know that there are so many things to be grateful for.

 So that’s today’s idea, attitude of gratitude, do the exercise, and feel free to share some of the interesting things that come up in your world when you’re going through this. It truly is an energy in a vibration that you put off that will bring people to you this attitude of gratitude. You know, people think about it this way, if you have an attitude of gratitude and you get stuck in traffic, it’s easy to say, Oh, I’m so grateful that I’m in a car. Right? So you can focus on being stuck in traffic or you can focus on being in the car. Here’s something else to be grateful for is running water. How often do you go to the sink, wash your hands, fill up a cup, and think gratitude for the faucet, for the plumbing, and everything that put in all the infrastructure to get that water to you. Right some people have to trek out to go find water in this world, and all we have to do is walk a few feet to a bathroom or a kitchen. We are so blessed. And so this attitude of gratitude, it’s got to be a way of doing things.

So Attitude of Gratitude gives, it’s contagious, spread it around when people start to complain and say, Well, you know what, I’m really grateful for this. Right? How many times have you thought about how grateful you are for literacy and being able to actually read, you know, how many illiterate adults there are in this country. So the fact that you can read is incredible. So having that attitude of gratitude around that attitude of gratitude man, it when you start to exude this, more people will be attracted to that also have that, that same attitude and demeanor. And it just gets easier and easier to work on projects, to promote bigger business, to work on your health. You know, when some people say, Ah, I can’t get fit, I don’t have a gym to go to, get down and do some push-ups, right? Be grateful for that. It’s this whole thing is everything that you can think of something to be grateful for.

So for the next 10 days, write down 50 things you’re grateful for, and you will see a change in your attitude, you’ll feel better. Everything will look nicer. It’s going to be easy. So, attitude of gratitude, guys, what are you guys grateful for? What comes to mind when you’re thinking about this topic of attitude of gratitude? Big things, little things. You know, I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for the weather. I mean, dude, it’s 106 to 106 degrees outside, I am so grateful. Because I’m not in Phoenix for 116. Right, there are still so many things to be grateful for. So think about that. Share it. What are you grateful for?

I am super grateful for my family and grateful for the team. I’m grateful for my brain, right. grateful for my encouragement of all my new friends who helped me with my Spanish every time I say something in English, like, dude, you could do that in Spanish. Yes. so thankful for the reminder, just Attitude of Gratitude everywhere you go. I’m grateful for the million dollars that I made. I’m grateful for new things coming into my world. I am grateful for Dana. She’s grateful for me. And just spreading that gratitude around. It’s such an important concept and vibration. I’m also grateful for the road team, and all the stuff that they’ve put into this.

Next time you feel like complaining, switch it, flip it around and say what can I be grateful for here? Right? I am. You know, as you guys saw earlier, in some of these videos, I broke my phone, right? And so instead of getting all mad about dammit, I just spent all this money on this phone. Instead of that, I said, I’m so grateful that I did it for the activity I was doing. When I broke my phone. I’m grateful for the activity. So instead of focusing on the lack of a phone, I was grateful for the experience. Everything they complain about, you know, my phone is dead or, you know, the battery’s dead, and they’re forgetting the fact that they are holding a supercomputer. Right. So this attitude of gratitude around everything, even paying your taxes, paying your bills, be grateful that you’re reducing your liabilities while increasing your assets. Right? Don’t pay your bills, but grudgingly pay with gratitude I’m so grateful that we got roads to drive on and we got ambulances and we got police officers and teachers and the old thing that goes with paying taxes and so it’s a new mindset shift that I’m encouraging you guys to adopt this new way. Right. Seven years ago, when I started this journey of entrepreneurship, my mentor sat down and said, Hey, attitude of gratitude and everything else will get easier. So work on that. Perspective makes all the difference.

I got to start driving this thing. I’m also really grateful for V eights. Okay, I’m also grateful for burnouts, but I already told Mitch, I’m not going to do a burnout in this thing. So that’ll be a different car. different a different video, but stay tuned. Appreciate you guys. Day 45 take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out.