Being Authentic

June 16, 2017

Hey everybody, welcome day 26, baby. And again, here I am at another baseball game. I think the universe has a message for me because this is the best baseball game I have ever been to. It was a blast. And Christian George comes up to me today and says, Hey, I heard there’s a Rockies game today. Can we go? And I’m like, Yes, I’m down. Let’s see what happens. Right? So today day 26, 60, sunrises to success, talking about being authentic. And, Richard is an expert in this. He’s been studying a lot and brings a lot of value to the people I work with.

One thing I got from embracing authenticity is understanding the stories that we tell ourselves. So for me, what I did was I made up this story about having a car right now and I couldn’t have a car. Because I couldn’t sell the other truck. I got this little 1990 Ranger, right for like 700 bucks. And I was making up this story that I couldn’t sell it because it’s so important. But then I also couldn’t have two cars, because why would I need two cars. And so for years, I’ve just been driving Vanessa’s car and letting this truck sit in the driveway. Well, finally I dropped this story, recognizing it’s just a story. And, now I’m looking at a different car, I’m actually going to go look at some Aston Martin’s later on this month, I’m really serious about getting one of these. So drop the story. And we can be responsible, able to respond. You know what I’m talking about being able to respond responsibly. Now again, I’m here with Richie. And, he’s also got some ideas about how to be authentic with yourself, which it’s been a new thing for me this year. So I’m glad he’s here. How do we embrace this, what is being authentic?

Well, being authentic is all about the meaning of integrity. What is inside is outside, you’re not putting on a mask. Now, I had a huge lesson in that as a husband, as a father, and as a business owner. And even as an employee, where I was always thinking too much about what other people were thinking of me. And that’s how I was basing everything off of how I do things. And when I let that go, when I finally stopped caring about what other people thought, then things started to make a positive difference in my life. Now, you got to understand that as humans, we have so many sides to ourselves, mainly the light in the dark of the good and the bad. And some people just end up wanting to pound away the bad and say everything is happy Rainbows, right? We got a rainbow up there. And everybody decides to not embrace that, that side of them. But guess what, that’s part of you. That is part of you and your wholeness. So why not embrace yourself, be responsible for what you’ve done before? And how you could take it forward in a positive setting, make it happen for you. Go get it to be authentic from the inside out. Don’t put on any mass, you ain’t got time to be thinking about what other people think about you. Yeah, just be there.

Try being authentic. I remember Les Brown said, other people’s opinions of you, are none of your business. And I started to recognize like, oh, wow, they’re totally right. I got my definite chief aim in life, what I’m going after. And if I keep listening to what other people think about me, they don’t know me. If I keep listening to that, I’m gonna go extremely slow. Right? You could be it, could be a car, right? a Ferrari. Hey, look, grandma. Hi, grandma. Darren Davis. What’s up guys, Welcome, welcome. Anyway, think about this. If you’re not authentic with yourself, you’re like a car. That is, it has six gears. And you are in first gear in your state in first gear, right? You may have the capability of going 150-200 miles an hour. But if you’re in first gear, how fast you’re going, right? Maybe 60 if you’re lucky, both most of the time about 3040 in first gear, right? And you’re saying I’m giving it all and that’s the story is there’s actually more gears to shift into there are more layers. You go a lot faster, guys. And so when you embrace this authenticity, like what Richard was talking about, and you’re just you stop the story, you really are being present, being present What’s going on? You can level up, you gear up like that. Yeah, very burned. What’s up, man? Good to see you. Excited. We’ll see in the morning, buddy. All right. So that’s it for today. Day. 26 authenticity is one of the major keys to a successful life. All right. Now, remember ladies and gentlemen, thanks for being here, and remember, take back your existence or die like a punk. Alright, peace out.