July 07, 2017

Hey guys, day 44 talking about our success, our success plan today 44 of our 60 sunrises to success. I’m really excited about where we’re going with this. Today’s topic books. How awesome are books now a lot of people are making a bunch of excuses, Oh, I can’t read a book because I’m not good at reading or, I’m a slow reader. And so they make up a bunch of excuses about why they shouldn’t be doing it. And ultimately, it costs them quite a bit. So this limiting belief around books and reading fast or, you know, a lot of times I’ll hear people say, Well, I don’t want to read a book because I fall asleep when I’m reading. And you know what, a lot of people have that same challenge. And the whole idea is just get up.

I noticed that a lot of times when people say, Oh, you know, I fall asleep when I’m reading a book is because they’re getting on a couch. They’re getting all comfy. They’re, you know, getting under a blanket. And then yeah, it’s time to go to sleep. So you know what I do, I read standing up, I read standing up, I’ll pace in my office or a pace in my living room. But get those books in my brain. Okay, the difference between wealthy people and poor people is what they put in their minds. And so I heard it put this way to me, a wise guy, a super-wealthy guy told me, Look, there are no new problems in the world. And if you’re experiencing something, someone else has also experienced it, found the solution, and wrote a book about it. So you could spend five years trying to figure it out yourself. Or you could spend five hours and just read the book. So how many books are you reading? so far? This year, the first week of July, I am on my 23rd book. Okay, now, I don’t always read them. A lot of the time I am doing audiobooks. But some of these bigger books, like Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success, I went to order online, got it shipped to my house. And so while he’s reading it, to me, I’m following along. So I put my headphones in, and I’m listening. And at the same time, I’m having him read it to me. Now, do you know what happens when you do that you actually get better at reading? Okay, it used to take me, I don’t know, six, seven hours to read a 4 or 500-page book. And now I can get it done in four hours of just concentrating, sitting down, paying attention, and reading the book. And it’s been really exciting to expand my library.

If you guys saw on the quote, it said earlier, why are all the nice things on the top shelf? Right? It’s because we have to stand on the books we read in order to reach them. And so just reaching in here, grabbing this book, I’m always trying to carry a book with me, okay, it’s, it’s, we always have these little gifts of time, five minutes here, 10 minutes there. And so this is a book I’m reading right now. It’s essential manners for men, what to do when to do it, and why. Okay, I’m getting, um, as my business is expanding, and I’m doing more entrepreneurial things, I’m getting invited to places and events and things I’ve never been to. So I’m sort of looking like an ass when I go to these things. I just picked up the book and read it. Right, I could spend five years learning about etiquette, and what to do and when to do it. Or I could just read this book in a few hours. So what problems or things are you experiencing that you could just figure out in a few hours reading the right book? That’s the question for you.

Don’t make excuses. If you keep saying, Oh, I’m no good at reading books. That’s why I don’t read books, and you’re just gonna keep perpetuating that existence. In that future. You will get better if you keep reading, keep reading. If you haven’t picked up a book, I urge you to pick up this book. It’s called Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. He wrote it in 1937. And is basically a blueprint that you can follow in order to achieve your dreams to hit your goals. It’s one of the best books ever. It created a lot of clarity for me. And it’s a yearly read for me now. So I hope you guys check it out. books, books are the name of the game.

You know, a long time ago when CDs were still forming, and we were still creating our cultures as humans, the only knowledge was transferred in books, right? Books are something that wealthy people engage in and You know, back then and to this day, so find a book, hold on to it, get it going. And like I said about these gifts of time, every, every once in a while we’ll be standing somewhere will be, you know, waiting, you’ve come early to an appointment, you got 1520 minutes, open up your book, don’t sit in and play games, right? Don’t Don’t. Don’t waste time, time is very valuable. So get your books, read your books, today is all about books. And that’s the main difference. So by the end of this year, my goal is to have done a book a week, get 52 books done this year, you know, maybe some of you guys are just starting out with this new habit. And so you do a book a month, by the end of the year, you’ll have 12 books. But the point is, there are no new problems.

Okay, someone figured it out, wrote a book about it, and made it available for you. And the last thing about books is, a lot of people will say, you know, I don’t have money for books, right? It costs money to go get these books, and I don’t have any money. Well, great news, Andrew Carnegie worked his butt off and created a bunch of free public libraries. And so you could go down, get your free library card, right? It’s free, it’s totally free. And go get the free book and read it. The information there will change your life. But you gotta get up off your butt, you got to go get it. Okay, now, of course, Amazon and Kindle, we got all these other easy to read devices. So there shouldn’t be an excuse. Do you want to change, do you want to improve when it comes to your communication to your relationships to your nutrition? All this stuff? Right? And I got some books in Spanish. Like I told you guys a few videos ago, I am practicing my Spanish and learning that so I got Spanish books, Spanish audiobooks, going for the information going in here. This is it. Okay, turn the Netflix off. Put that information in your brain. Cool. You guys are awesome. Thanks for tuning in. I love reading these comments. Thanks for joining everyone. You guys are awesome. Go pick up a book. And with that new mindset, you’ll get better at reading. I promise you will. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll get addicted to it. And those new ideas will shape your life. Okay, so take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out guys.