August 05, 2017

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! It is day 67 or night 67, and we are in Cancun, Mexico. So we’re going to have to be brief with tonight’s video here. I want to bring some value to you from the middle of this kayak in the biggest pool I have ever seen.



Anyway, today’s lesson is on brevity. Now, sometimes you feel like you’re not being heard. Your message isn’t being well received. Sometimes it’s just really drawn out, and it’s important to be brief. Right, brevity is key. 

I remember Napoleon Hill would talk about these lessons when writing letters back in the day, and he would apologize. He would say I’m sorry for such a long letter, I didn’t have enough time to make it short. So that tells us that brevity is a major key to being an effective communicator and getting better results out of your life. It actually takes extra time up front, to be brief and to be concise and to the point. 

Mitch, you got anything to say about brevity. Yeah. If you’re brief you’ll be a millionaire. If you aren’t you won’t. You heard it, ladies and gentlemen. Day 67. Take back your existence, or die like a punk peace-out. 


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