June 06, 2017

Hey everybody, we are finally back in Salt Lake! I was talking to Vanessa, and she said, you know what? I feel like I have just been in a fog all day lets go on a hike. And I said, Yeah, let’s go. So we have driven up the east side mountains in downtown Salt Lake way back there behind me. It is a beautiful, clear night, got the full moon peeking at us.


I had a quick message about certainty and what that looks like, and how it can show up for you in your life. One of the most important things about certainty is moving forward. Certainty is your concentration of being in the moment. Okay, it is easy to get distracted.

You want to go to the next thing, especially if you are talking to someone slow with their words. For me, it has been a big struggle to concentrate in conversations. Now when I walk into a conversation, I listen all the way through.

I want to share with you a quick story. We were in Denver the other day, and Mitch was sitting at a hotel, and we wanted to go to the hot tub. The hot tub closed at 10. We show up at the hotel at like 11 pm, and I had made up in my mind that we were going swimming.

Fair enough, right there, says on the sign closed at 10. I tried my little key fob, swiping it not working. I go back to the front desk, and Mitch and Morgan are like, we already asked, I do not think it will work.

So I go to the front desk lady, and I say, I would like to go swimming. She replied with the swimming pool is closed. I said, will you open the door for me? And she said yes!

So in my mind, I was certain before even showing up, before even driving there. I knew that this is what we were going to do. I wanted to swim, brought my swimsuit. I did not care what time it was. At the end of the day, there is a human on the other side of that door, as long as you show up with certainty with the right attitude. It worked, and we had a great time.

I will always be an example of certainties moving forward with writing books, supporting team members, and helping new people achieve their entrepreneurial endeavors. We have to move forward to certainty. I had another conversation with the team members that was not certain.

I would remind them that in your mind, you can either have doubts or you can have faith. Which one, because they can not both exist. On one hand you are going to accomplish it, and on the other hand, you are expressing doubt and concern. It is one or the other.

One other quick idea to gain certainty is the clarity with what you’re trying to accomplish. That is journaling. Again, we talked about it, I think day nine or day ten. It is an effective way to clear up the jumble of ideas and the free flow that goes on in your mind. You set a certain amount of time.

Put that aside, get clear on what you want, and then do not entertain any other options or alternatives. Once you gain that clarity and that certainty of what you want to do, you move forward with that. Entertain any other ideas, have that positive mental attitude and keep smiling.

Now, as we build on these days, we are going to day sixty. I will share with you over the next coming weeks the formula for manifesting the life you want. So stay tuned. Thank you for being here on day 18 of certainty and a quick reminder to take back your existence or die like a punk.


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