Circle Of Influence

May 24, 2017

Hola, Como Estas? Muy bien. Gracias e tu. 

Hey guys, we just checked into the hotel. This is part one of day six. Just wanted to say hi real quick before we go grab some food, and meet up with some people. Just wanted to give you a quick little vision of what I get to see.  Kind of bring you into this experience with me right now. We’re staying in downtown Puerto Vallarta.  We are not at the resort quite yet. We got here a couple of days early.  We rented a car.  It’s so beautiful. 

Today what I wanted to do is a give you a quick message on your circle of influence.  I learned this a long time ago. 

 Who do you spend the most time with?  I learned years ago when I started getting into personal development and business. I learned that you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. That made me think, I need to look around at who I’m spending time with.  That’s a big deal.  Are you hanging around poor people? Are you hanging around rich people?  Are you hanging around happy people or sad people?  If you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  You really got to pick who you hanging out with.  To take that one step further.  Let’s say you got a group of five right.  You and your five.  Then they have their own five.  If someone else is depressed or unhappy in that circle, then there’s a 30% chance that it’ll influence your own circle. Then if someone in that circle’s circle, one more removed, they can influence that person which will then influence you about 10%.  Even three circles removed is influencing your life, influencing your outcome, your results.  Really pick who you’re hanging out with. Today, the message is the five people you’re spending the most time with.  I want to make sure that you’re being conscious of it.  If you’re hanging around sarcastic people or cynical people.  Just unhappy, complaining people. It’s going to start to influence and affect you.  On the flip side, on the positive note. If you hang out with successful people, happy people, grateful people, an abundance mindset, people abundance mindset, then that’s gonna be able to rub off on you in a positive way.  You’ll be able to go out there and live life on your terms.  The circle of influence, take inventory of the five people you’re spending the most time with right now.  

What I want you to do, here’s your homework, here’s your action item for today.  You’re going to put these people into three categories. Category number one is non-Association.  Are the people you’re spending the most time with, need to be moved into non-Association.  Category number two would be limited Association.  Then category number three is expanded association.  Even though there are amazing people in our lives, and we enjoy the time with them, they may not be right for us in the moment, or on the mission that we’re on right now, with our business or your goals, your dreams, whether it’s, your family goals, your body goals, your health goals.  Expanded Association, limited Association, and non-Association.  You’re going to have to eventually start putting standards on the people you spend the most time with.  

It was a little tough for me at first because I had some really good friends for years and years, but they were not positive. They were always complaining.  So I had to move them into limited association.  Then some people had to be moved into non-association. I’ll tell you real quick. This circle of influence thing is so impactful. When I was working at Jiffy Lube all those years ago, I didn’t notice it until it was already happening.  Everyone there was smoking cigarettes and so vicariously.  By being associated with those people I ended up smoking cigarettes. It was terrible. It wasted my money.  It wasted my time.  Soon I quit that place to stop smoking. The associations are a big deal guys.  Now keep spending your time with business owners, with entrepreneurs, with happy, healthy, friendly people. Then that’s what you will become. 

I’m glad you guys are tuning in to these videos. Circle of influence. It’s a big deal. keep showing up. Keep spreading the love, keep being an example of who you want to be. This is part one of day six.  We’ll do a night version later on tonight. As we get closer to the beach. I got an expanded version of this message for you guys. But I’m glad you’re here. Glad you’re tuning in.  Day six of the 60 sunrises to success.  We will catch you guys soon. Take back your existence, or die like a punk. – Michael A. Huggins