Coachable Mindset

June 26, 2017

Hey, everybody, it is day 34. I got Tony Scotty with me today. And we are at a studio, There’s the conductor in the back there, Mr. J Stark. We’re getting ready for some promo videos that we’re doing. Anyway, today, day 34. We’re talking about coaching, and mentoring. And that is one of the steps to success in creating a life. Whether you want to have a better business, better relationships, a better skill set, you know, more vitality, more health. Coaching is a major key. Few successful people in life get anywhere without a coach or guidance or an extra perspective or something. And, and this is one of my coaches right here in the real estate world. His name is Tony Scotty. He’s been blowing it up these last few years, and I’ve been taking notes. I’m one of the most coachable people, I show up, I take notes. And anyway, what is coaching and coachability? Why is it so important for someone to have a successful outcome?

Well, I think coaching is very important. And one aspect is a lot of times you need to kind of fine-tune something. A great example is my son. He’s been playing baseball for about five years. And he’s struggling a little bit on the swing side. And it happens as they go through and you get older. And so we got him a hitting coach, and all of a sudden in about two weeks of focusing his coach got him there. Well, just like in real estate, you can do real estate coaching, where you have someone who’s already done it already and been through some of the steps that you’re going to go through. And if you hear it from them, that mentoring or coaching is going to get you there. And that’s what I’ve seen happen by having someone there so we’re always looking for coaches, even me too.

Yeah, it’s a big deal. I mean, if you don’t have a coach right now, who’s giving you the new perspective, who’s helping you see something clear, that you might not have considered? I know that coaches give Nick in the back there. I know we got the coaches to give us a competitive advantage like he was just talking about with his son and being able to hit the ball versus crush the ball. Right? So coaching, who are you getting coached by on something that you want to get better at? And if you’re not, it’s time to look, it’s time to get a coach, and a lot of people will get hung up in the back. Wow, they cost money, right? Coaches cost money, but don’t look at it as an expense, look at it as an investment it’s gonna pay off, it’s gonna have dividends, it’s gonna have returns, and you see a bigger, better difference

I think the return on investment you’re going to get from it is much greater than the expense because you’re going to maybe sidestep some of the mistakes. Even though we’re here in live education, whose risk is teaching. I’m sitting here learning myself to kind of get a couple of tips. It’s coaching. You know, I paid for my trip. I paid for everything to come here. Of course, it’s a business expense. But I’m getting coaching right now.

It’s this mindset. So a lot of people show up in the world with a fixed mindset. But the achievers have this coachability mindset. And you got to ask yourself when you’re sitting in a room, right, because it’s not always easy with the experience you get, sometimes you sit in a room, and you have to remind yourself to be coachable to be teachable, and ask yourself, what is my teachability index? Am I willing to learn? Am I willing to try new things? Because if not, then a coach will help you. But here’s one thing I do know and I appreciate about my coaches, is accountability. When they ask me to do something, I just feel that extra effort, that extra energy to go and do the thing that they were saying, and that coachability, that accountability is worth it more the results that I get from being held accountable, pay for the coaching. So it works. That accountability is a major key.

We’re just wrapping up the day. We spent a ton of the day at the studio. Some New Yorkers goofing around over there. Startup another day tomorrow. Appreciate you guys for being here. Aloha. See you guys