July 30, 2017

Welcome, everyone. I got Dan Wayman with me here. He is the CEO of healing hands mentoring. We are coming to you today with day 61. What we want to talk to you about today is competing versus collaborating. 



Welcome, everyone. I got Dan Wayman with me here. He is the CEO of healing hands mentoring. We are coming to you today with day 61. What we want to talk to you about today is competing versus collaborating. 

We are up here on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City, and there is this apartment building behind us that you can see right here. This thing right here is for sale. We could buy it. Now, in looking at this building and thinking about this idea of competing versus collaborating, I could go and make my offer, he could go and make his offer, and we could compete for this building. Or we could collaborate, we could work together. 

Aristotle said that the whole is greater than the sum of his parts. This means you can get way more done by being productive as a team and collaborating instead of competing. 

I asked Dan to be on this video today to share a little bit from his perspective on this idea of collaborating. It can come in all areas of your life. You can collaborate with your boss or co-workers to make a better environment. You can collaborate with your neighbor to create a better neighborhood. You can collaborate with your spouse to make a better household. Right? 

So I am going to introduce Dan to you guys. If you could share a little bit about collaborating and working with others, what are some good ideas that the folks at home need? 

Collaborating comes to all aspects of life. This building is 90 units. We could compete for this building or collaborate on this building and make it something amazing.  

I want to talk about relationships. How do you collaborate with your relationships, business relationships, emotional relationships with your spouse, loved ones, kids? If you collaborate with your kids, you can get them to do their homework and do what they are supposed to do. 

If you tell them to do it, they’re not going to do it. Collaboration like this project here is showing up in every aspect of life. You can collaborate and create something in half the time than trying to do it yourself sitting at home trying to figure it out. 

When you don’t have the solutions to your problems, someone else has those solutions. All you have to do is ask for help. I think so many times people see collaboration as something that we make up in our brains. 

Sometimes we think that we’re not valuable enough to ask someone for help. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean, the tree is sitting here behind us, asking the sun for the sunshine. It’s collaborating.

I mean, you look at this collaboration, look at nature. If you have a seed, we bring the dirt to this seed, and then we grow it. Nature collaboration is perfect. How you use that in your own life with your relationships, business, your children, with you’re opening yourself up emotionally, you’re collaborating with yourself, and not only just you but the people in your life. 

This building is just an idea of how can we collaborate? How can we make things better for you and me? If you don’t know how you ask for help, right? 

Yeah, and that’s why we’re here. The environment that we’re creating on Facebook for you guys is to have a spot where you can ask for help, share ideas, collaborate, and follow these principles. Remember from yesterday’s video I was telling you guys we got the car to work. That was because collaboration is so much easier when you’re working with other people. 

We’re now identifying our next opportunity. So what is it that you’re collaborating? What is something that maybe you’re neglecting that you could bring someone in and move that project forward? What is it, and then collaborating with your body also eating the right things? 

Collaboration is a major key to getting ahead. If you’re stuck with the static mindset of one equals one, then you are never going to get ahead. Collaboration allows you to get more effort, energy, ideas, concepts, introductions, the whole thing.

To make a difference is collaboration. Collaborate with your community and the people you know. Maybe it’s the people in your office that you hate. So you can bring some inspiration. You’re so good at what you do that they resent you for it. 

I mean, we see this in professional worlds where you’re so good at something. People think you’re arrogant because you’re so confident. When you collaborate with people on the show, they are like, Oh, this person isn’t a dick. He’s nice when I get to know him.

Yeah, it’s a major key. What are you guys collaborating on? Throw it in the comments?  What are you working on? Where do you need some help? 

Other people in the world want to help you get the complex to help you get the ideas. People have ideas that you don’t have yet. Maybe you’re low on energy, and you find someone that’s got this, and they show up in life. Pretty soon, you got this as well. 

I  haven’t been in touch with Dan for about a year. The kind of progress in his business and the collaborations he’s been working on this last year are amazing. When I finally showed him what I’m working on, we were like, dude, we need to do a collab. Oh, we need to put some together. 

So stay tuned this fall. We got a bunch of projects coming out that will help you guys take your business, your relationships, your communication, and your health to the next level.

We’re here to serve you and to do what we can for you. Every single person is in their place in life. We know that we’ve come from measly beginnings. I mean, the lowest of freakin lows. People are like, oh, you’re so successful. People comment on your smile all the time, but it’s not about that. 

It’s about when you love to serve people and show up for people and make a difference. Then you get the things you want. If you’re doing it yourself, you’re not collaborating with other people. So collaboration is so much more than just creating results. It’s about creating a difference.

We’ll end with this. Remember the proverb if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together, collaborate. Your work is a group. Thanks for joining in. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. Reach out to people who collaborate. Drop your comments in love to see where you guys are tuning in from also watching. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day, and remember to take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out


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