Comfort Zone

June 03, 2017

It’s loud in here! Truth: Search and you will find! Let’s talk about the key mindset to searching. It’s day 15 and it’s time to get out of your Comfort Zone. Got the fam with me now so let’s do this!

This is day 15. Ladies, Gentlemen, welcome to another edition. We’re talking about 60 sunrises to success and your path to getting what you want out of life. Now today, on day 15, the topic is your comfort zone. How do we get out of our comfort zone? What are the major keys to understanding our comfort zone? I want to start today with a quote. “The treasure you seek is in the cave you’re afraid to enter.” Isn’t that interesting. So what is it that you’re looking for? We’ve all heard the adage if you search you will find.

Let’s talk about the mindset difference between a wealthy person and an employee when it comes to the comfort zone. What I mean is someone who focuses on selling their time for dollars. Right. And in the business world, in the entrepreneurial world. It’s not about the time or about selling your time, it’s about creating value. And a lot of times you have to get uncomfortable. In Timothy Ferriss’s book, The Four Hour Work week, he talks about your success being dependent upon your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations. So one of the major keys to success is getting uncomfortable getting out of your comfort zone.

Now, since we know that we got to look in that cave, right, the cavemen with the treasure. What happens is we get triggered by fear and fear, for the most part, is caused by ignorance. Okay? The ignorance of not knowing how to react with fear, how to live with fear, how to address or engage with the fear. There’s a fear of fear. Do you know what it’s called? The fear of fear is called Phobophobia. I used to be afraid, honestly, do you want to know the weirdest thing about this? I used to be afraid of being on camera. And now look, I’m doing these live videos. So the fear of fear. I think that the closed-minded person looks at fear as a reason to not do something. And, the wealthy person, the person who’s committed to trying new things and expanding their life here it’s a reason to do something. That’s a major key.

If you’re committed to being outside your comfort zone. The major key is to understand that all the magic happens outside your comfort zone. If you’re stuck in the comfort zone, everything’s normal, nothing changes. And you just go day by day, week by week, month by month is up and changing. The people who understand it and want to expand and to experience more to life, they’re constantly getting out of their comfort zone. And here’s the thing, everyone hears the cliches, right? Get out of your comfort zone, oh, you want to change your life, get out of your comfort zone. And so, you know, on a conscious level, people understand that, but subconsciously, they still refuse to change. And so, what I’m gonna encourage you guys to do is when someone suggests something to do you get outside of your comfort zone, just go for it anyways. Regardless of the outcome, regardless of any judgment, you may experience. The comfort zone is going to keep you trapped. Keep you stuck.

At the end of the day, if you understand that fear is a trigger to go do something. You will experience way more out of life. And the phrase searching you will find, right? If you do refuse to search, you’re not gonna find anything. So when the universe or God or whoever is bringing you something new in your life, if you have this attitude of I’m willing to be uncomfortable, then you’re gonna have a lot more things in your life, a lot more new things, new relationships, new opportunities, new experiences. So don’t let the comfort zone stop you. Outside the comfort zone, all the magic happens.

Now we’re about to go try some new food here. I don’t know exactly what’s happening. But I love all these people. I’m here in Denver right now. And who knows what’s gonna happen tonight. All right, guys. Stay Rockin ski Rolling. Stay awesome.