Constant Improvement

July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day. Welcome, everyone is day 41. And we are at my casa, we’re celebrating, I’m about to head to the backyard, I have no idea what is back there. I haven’t been home in a while and got some friends over. And today day 41, I want to talk to you about constant improvement. What are you doing to constantly improve? It’s a way of life, it’s constantly improving, is all about your mindset, it’s an attitude around, I’m going to get better at my communication, I’m going to get better at my eating, I’m going to get better at my business development, my personal development, my reading, right constant never-ending improvement is a big deal. And sometimes people get wrapped up in comparing and they think, Oh, well, that person is improving faster than me and why even bother. And that’s not really the case at all.

I want to remind you guys and empower you guys. There’s no real comparison. It’s not about comparing, if you are going to compare, then of and how you’re doing in the past compared to how you’re doing now. So constant never-ending improvement is also around your language and developing those language skills and your ability to focus on your goal. That’s Yeah, it was Earl Nightingale that talked about, he was questioning why people go to school. And most people think they go to school to learn stuff. And when he said no, people really go to school, to learn how to think. And then most people aren’t engaged in thinking they’re just there. They’re going through life as a wandering generality. And so as we’re going through, and we’re constantly improving, one of the things you have to improve on is our ability to think and process in and try new things and create new opportunities and just new perspectives that empower you. So constant every improvement is also around your attitude. Right? Are you improving your attitude on a daily basis? Do the same things that make you mad 10 years ago still make you mad today? If so, we got to take a look at what we want to be constantly improving. It’s also around your vision of yourself and your vision of your family and your vision of what you’re working on. Is that improving? Was that better? A year ago, two years ago, or is now better? What are we working on? And I love my dog, he is letting me know that there are noises around Oh, goodness, okay. Constant and never-ending improvement.

That is today’s lesson. So are you improving compared to you in the past? Okay, constantly never-ending improvement, is developing new skills, if you hate your job, and you’ve been there for a few years, come on, let’s improve. Let’s have this mindset of going after new things. And I’m really appreciative today guys we are reminded more about the sacrifices and, you know, it’s crazy to think about where we could have ended up compared to where we are, right, we’re here in America, it could have been so many other places. And I am so grateful that this is where we get to be where you know, we get to try new things, build new businesses, raise our families, buy houses, do the thing to be privy to more information, more opportunity than most people. And you got to remember that.

So in our constant never-ending improvement message for today, it is thinking about are you comparing from the past self of you to where you are now. Okay, avoid comparing because comparing is the quickest way to feel less than or better than someone else. And we don’t want to do what we don’t want to do unless it’s less than or greater than, less than or better than. Okay, so comparing is dangerous. If you’re going to compare, like I said, compared to your past self, and how are you doing? Are you making that progress? Are you improving? What about your exercise? What about being able to touch your toes right? Are you able to do 100 push-ups constant, never-ending improvement is a way of life. It’s a mindset that harnesses it, uses it, and makes it a game. Don’t get too wrapped up in it, don’t take it too seriously. As far as the result, it’s more of the action of improving, right improving your business skills, improving your computer skills, improving your note-taking or your scheduling skills, all of this, these are all the things that come into a productive and successful life. You have to be able to control your schedule.

So, thanks for tuning in guys. What are y’all doing out there? Happy independent states Beautiful. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. That’s awesome. Taylor we’ll have that competition kicking my past self but real quick. That’s awesome. All right, guys. Well, remember day 41 we got 19 more days. It’s really exciting what’s gonna happen on day 60 so stay tuned. Appreciate you guys for being here. hug someone you love Count your blessings. Right landed the free because of the brave and saw the service people out there for all the stuff that they’ve done. Really appreciate the sacrifices in the time and attention that they’ve put together so that we could just goof around and do what we want to do. Happy Fourth of July everybody. Beautiful day, beautiful night. Thanks for being here. Take back your existence. Die like a punk.