Creative Vision

July 07, 2017

“Hey everyone, it’s day 43. Today we’re talking about creative vision, got our new team here. I wanted to bring up a good point today, which is on creative vision, and the importance of being able to see past what our eyes see and being able to see with our mind. And that’s the difference between a manager and a leader. A lot of times, people mistake the two. And they think that because they have management experience, and they’re able to get promoted in a company, that they’re actually a leader and fit to lead people. And so that there’s a big difference. And part of that has that creative vision. And what I like to remind people is when they have a vision, and they’re wanting to bring it to people, it’s important to paint the picture of possibilities.

Do you guys remember the old public TV when Bob Ross would come out and he’d paint, right and he just talked about painting and he made it all right, you need to be Bob Ross. If you need to paint that picture of possibilities and bring them into the world. And also with your creative vision, it also requires destruction. Right? Pablo Picasso said every act of creation is first an act of destruction. So what is it that you need to destroy? In order to create a space for something new? Is it destroying your old language habits? Is it destroying your old eating habits, your old mindset, or goal setting, something that needs to be destroyed in order to create something new, and create a vision. Is your opportunity to put vision and energy into your business or your project? Whether you’re trying to create new relationships or build something new?

I want to bring out Ryan real quick and just have him share a few things that have worked for his business. And he’s created a lot of success recently, and we’re really proud of him. But what is create a vision for you?”

“Wow, creative vision, like you said, for me is the difference between being a manager and being a leader. My wife and I, what we’ve been doing lately with some of our companies, wanted to break into a new market, right, we wanted to break into the Hispanic market, and be able to help those people within that demographic, improve their lives and work with us. And so we had to create a vision, we had to create something that didn’t exist at all, and then communicate that vision to those new members of our team. So we work in real estate. And so as we went forward and expanded, we wanted them to be able to not just follow us, but spread their wings and fly as well. And grow our concept idea into something much larger than we could ever make on our own. And through creating that vision and sharing with them. That’s something that we’ve been able to, in a short amount of time we’ve been able to have a lot of success with.”

“Yeah, that’s a big deal. And like you said, being able to communicate that vision to the new people paint that picture of possibilities. Bob Ross, if you’re watching this reach out to me, let’s make a video. Okay, create a vision. That’s, that’s today’s lesson. The whole idea is, is when you bring something new to the table, does it stir people’s blood? Does it make them create action, or they just sit back on them? That’s a cool idea. When Ryan brought this, this new concept said, Hey, we’re gonna branch off. We’re gonna do this with our new business, and we’re gonna start bringing some people. I got excited and I said, Great, how can I help and he said, you can start by learning Spanish, so I’m working on it. Me Chopra there. It’s working. It’s working. So thanks for tuning in, day 43. Remember to take back your existence. So you don’t die like a punk. Good night Everyone.”