Defeat Versus Temporary Failure

July 02, 2017

Hi, everybody, Happy Sunday Funday. It’s day 40 of our 60 sunrises to success formula. And I’m happy to be bringing you today’s lesson, which is on defeat versus temporary failure, and how a lot of times we unintentionally blend those two words and mistake them. And we will start to label ourselves as a failure instead of looking at what is actually happening, which is more often than not just temporary defeat. So I’m standing here in Young Money’s auto shop, he’s got, I don’t know, four or five cars hanging out here. And we were talking about today’s lesson on defeat versus failure, and how a lot of times people will label themselves incorrectly, they’ll misuse the word failure versus defeat.

I want to quickly go over that. Because when you guys go back through your lives, and you look at all the stumbling blocks that you’ve had, over the years, can you not see that good came out of it, that there was that if the mess had not happened, then you wouldn’t have another game or another opportunity or another door opening. And so while you’re in the moment, this is today’s lesson, while you’re in the moment of experiencing temporary defeat, just understand that it’s temporary. And ask yourself, what’s good about this? What’s good about this, you’re going through it, maybe you just lost your job. I mean, a lot of people who, you know, their jobs get shut down, employers make a bad move. And, now they’re out of a job. And so they could start to think, okay, what’s good about this, instead of woe is me, I’m a failure, I can’t do anything. My job is blah, blah, blah, it keeps you out of victim mode. And that’s really important.

What about if you had a goal to lose 20 pounds this month, and you didn’t do it, you only lost 15. Now, some people would say, Great job, but the person who set the goal might say, Man, I failed. I didn’t do anything. I missed the mark. Or maybe your goal was to lose five pounds, and you only lost the last one. The point is in how we label it, almost every setback was a setup for a comeback, right? We start to think about even big names that we know as Christopher Columbus, right? We will associate him with discovering the Americas, right? But if we look at his story, he ended up in prison because he wasn’t listening to the king queen. So someone could say failure ended up in prison. Or, you know, Galileo, when he starts to say, you know, guys, the earth isn’t the center, it’s this. It’s the sun. And he brings that out and what happens if he gets killed. So people think of that as a failure or as a temporary defeat, but now they went down in history as world changers. Anyway, a lot of times, it’s really just a blessing in disguise. And we got to remember that, it’s, I’ll give you an example. This car right here. Okay, this is a cool car right here. My friend. Nick’s trying to sell it. He sold it to someone. And they stopped making payments. So making payments, trying to hunt him down, couldn’t find him. He takes the title, where the heck is it nothing labeled with the state, it turns into a big mess.

Well, he could have complained about it, could have called the junkyard, he could have done a bunch of you know, got the authorities involved or whatever. But instead, he just waited. And then there’s a certain amount of time or Hey, if you abandon the car, we can go through file abandoned title, and now he gets to own the car. So he sold it but now gets to drive it. But if he would have gone into victim mode and started complaining about the situation, his mind would have been open to the opportunity. So now he gets to upgrade from this his daily whip to his beautiful black Mercedes. Okay, so it’s all about the mindset and how we frame our experiences. It’s not a failure, it’s a temporary defeat. And like I said in the quote, sometimes life just does that tell you to knock you back on course. Right? Like we might feel like everything’s going great. And we’re right on track. But it’s not our destination. It’s not the track we’re supposed to be on. And so life will nudge you. they’ll pull a job out from under you or a relationship or something will happen. And at the moment, ah, we get mad we get pissed off. But remember, it’s a correction of our pathway. stay open, stay guided, it’s a blessing in disguise. Eyes. Were ripping a bumper off of the Subaru here about to get rid of that. Gentlemen, do you guys have anything to say about temporary defeat? Being disguised? disguising it as a failure while working out building your business?

Well, I guess a few words on a temporary defeat and failure, you have to think about what comes after it because a lot of times we think we’re having failures in our life or that we are being defeated. But in all reality, it’s an extra step to allow us to grow. So there’s this book called black box thinking. And in the book, speaks about how everything we see as a failure has actually led to something greater and has improved every situation, every situation or product out there. So whenever something fails, it gives you a chance to rebuild and recreate it better than it was before. So failure is actually a stepping stone to something greater.

It’s a beautiful thing. It’s one thing we got to recognize. Well said, Thank you, sir. Cool. Well, we’re gonna get back to a productive Sunday Funday I Hope you guys are being productive with your day as well. And if you liked this video, feel free to share it throw the thumbs up. We appreciate you guys. Remember take back your existence or die like upon peace out