Delayed Gratification

July 31, 2017

Hey guys, we’re day 62. I’m in my garage here, and we’re working on a cool mural. It’s going to be a little studio to make more videos for you guys. Anyway, I got a couple of cool projects going on and wanted to talk to you today about the concept of modeling. What I mean by that is seeing behaviors that we want to do and then copying and modeling. 



So real quick back in the 1960s, a doctor at Stanford University decided, hey, what if we did a study on delayed gratification? And how does that turn out? In people’s lives, what kind of results can they produce? 

So what the doctor does is he puts a bunch of four-year-olds into these rooms. He says, Hey, here’s a marshmallow. If you can resist eating this one when I get back, you can have two. So you have two choices, you can eat it now, or you can wait and have two marshmallows. 

What they found was about half the kids went through and ate it right away. The other half figured out a way to distract themselves long enough for the experimenter to come back in and give them their second marshmallow. 

They took the group of kids that instantly ate it and found they don’t have a concept of delayed gratification. Delayed gratification will help build your business, body, and relationships. Sometimes, all we need is a model of delayed gratification. 

They then took the kids who couldn’t wait and put an adult in the room and said, Look, this is the same deal. He’s going to show you how to wait. So they brought up games and just counting and doing other things to distract the time. Before they knew it, the experimenter came back, and they earned it. 

Then they experimented again and found that the kids now understood this model of delayed gratification. What they did was they followed these kids for 16 years. They did a check-in at 12, 18, and 20. They found out the kids who engaged in delayed gratification early on did better in schools, business, outlook on life, and were healthier. 

So they decided that delayed gratification is key to having a successful life and business. I wanted to bring that up because many of us live in this hurry, hurry world. But success doesn’t work like that. Getting into physical shape doesn’t work like that. It’s methodical, step after step. 

So a lot of us have this, hurry up and do it and then quit and hurry up and do something else and then quit again. We’re expecting this instant gratification, but that’s never going to work.

 I remember having a conversation with Vanessa about this years ago when we first started. I said, know what, I hate my job. I want to build a business, and I want to get rich. I’m sick of being poor. So many things on my to-do list needed to move to delayed gratification. 

Some might say I turned a little boring. Who knows? It wasn’t exciting because people would be like, Hey, let’s do this. I was like, Nope, I’m going to work. I’m going to keep working and working, delayed gratification.

It’s the same thing when you walk into the grocery store. There’s the bakery, and then there are the vegetables. You got to delay the gratification. Don’t go to the bakery and get your vegetables. It’s the same thing in business. 

It’s so much easier in the short term to get a job if you want to make money. You don’t have to have a job, to make money, but most people go and do that because that’s the quickest way. That’s the instant gratification. Building a business is tough, and there are lots of delays, and you get used to that. It’s not always easy, but you will get rewarded in life for developing this skill of delayed gratification. 

It’s no longer this microwave world. We just put something in and wait 30 seconds. Okay, it’s about delayed gratification. A lot of times, we will say no, I’m not ready. Show me again, and it’s just our fear talking. Once I learned that I started modeling other people. 

Some of you guys know, I like to be on speaking stages for the longest time, that terrified me, and I never did it. Then I decided I’m going to model myself after this guy. I watched how he did it and how he made the audience laugh. I watched how he added some value. I just took notes on it when I went and did it myself. 

Okay, it’s incredible when you understand the examples in the modeling around you. What models are you following? Are you following complainers? Or are you following hard workers? People who know they are not going to watch the movie this week, this month, this quarter, maybe even this year. 

Every Friday night, every Saturday night, I’m building something, I’m not going bowling, I’m not going to play laser tag, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to cook my steak and eat my salad and work out. I’m going to build my business and work on my relationships. This delay gratification, in the long run, is going to pay off. 

It’s the same thing with money. It’s wanting to spend your money versus saving your money. I know it’s a lot of fun to spend money, and it is worth it. It’s more worth it if you save. 

So we’re getting this painted in the garage here, and it will cost 1500 bucks or so. But because I saved my money and I delayed, it was an easy decision for me. So the delay, my gratification of spending money allowed me to spend money on this. 

Okay, so what is something that you guys could do right now where you have the impulse to do the thing to buy it, to eat it, to spend your time on that? What can you do to delay? What can you do to earn that gratification down the road? That delay gratification is always more valuable, tastier, more fun, and you can enjoy it a lot better if you delay it. 

So thanks for tuning in. You guys are awesome! Day 63 is coming up tomorrow, and I have a new topic for you. So stay plugged in. Until then, delay some of that gratification. I promise you it will enable you to take back your existence. Don’t die like a punk. Peace out.


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