Detach From The Outcome

July 21, 2017

Hey guys, it’s day 56 we are making progress. And today’s topic is not being attached to the outcome. I’m here with my buddy Nick Young going over some final numbers on a few things in a project that we’re excited about. We’ll be unveiling that as the weeks come. So stay tuned. We’re right here eating at a Denny’s. Anyway, today, what I want to talk to you about is not being attached to the outcome. So why is it important to not be attached to the outcome? 

Well, first of all, the outcome was never yours, to begin with. And getting attached to it will actually create so many distractions that you’ll never take any action. I see it a lot with the business that we’re doing, we go buy pieces of real estate, and people get so emotionally attached to the property, that they fudge the numbers, they get distracted, they overlook a huge red flag because they’re so attached to the outcome, they want to force it and make it work. And right on, right on Natalie, that’s cool. And so being attached to the outcome paralyzes you. And it reminded me of this word, mistake. The word mistake has a lot of emotion and a negative connotation to it. But if we break it down, and we just think this was a miss, take, that’s it, it was just a mistake, take another shot. And if you missed that, take another shot, keep taking shots. 

When you’re attached to the outcome, you won’t even take your first shot, let alone your second, third or fourth, because embarrassing judgment assumptions creep in and really mess up the energy you bring to your project, whether that’s making phone calls, or asking a girl out or making offers or, or, or building a business or trying a new meal plan. If you get too attached to the outcome, you won’t do that either. So in your success path, detach yourself from the outcome, it allows you to see clearly as you’re looking through your options, it allows you to read we got the back of the music area. But not being attached to the outcome allows you to not take things personally either because you can’t control how your project is gonna unfold. You could do your best, you can make a plan, right? And you can work at it. But the outcome is not of your making. 

So being an attachment allows you to move on to the next and the next and the next without losing enthusiasm without getting discouraged. Okay, it prevents you from having a failure if you’re not attached to the outcome, because only if you’re attached, can you have a failure? Other than that, it’s just a mistake. And you get to take that next shot. 

We want to stay emotionally unattached to the outcome. You’ll also find a lot more joy in the action than the outcome. In some previous videos, we talked about how the service is the reward, the joy is the action and it’s not the outcome. And so in pursuing this new thing, whatever it is for you, your relationship, your health, your finances, as you’re building your plan, don’t get attached to the outcome because the plan is going to shift and the plan is going to change and you have to be open. This guy is so unattached to the outcome. And the lady came up and said, Hey, what do you want to order? He said, surprise me. Right? 

So being unattached to the outcome in all areas of your life. You know, I never know how these Facebook live videos are gonna go. We do a little bit of planning. But then we just go for I mean, these are live raw, real uncut, here we go. And so in order for me to even do my first video, I had to get over my own self and be unattached to the outcome. Right at first I wanted to compare and I wanted to go, Oh, this guy has got a million views, and that guy, how am I ever gonna compete. And then I realize I’m attached to the outcome, I don’t care. My goal is to add value and whether 50 people watch it, or 50 million people watch it. I’m here to add value. And part of that was me being unattached to the outcome. Now, I’m glad you guys are here. I’m glad you guys are jumping in. I’m glad we’re having these engagements and you guys are taking notes. And again, we’re on day 56. So there are 55 other videos for you guys to check out.

Like I said yesterday, we’re coming out with the new podcast. So stay tuned for that to take back your existence, where we really dive deeper into these. I’m gonna have more guests on to really help you guys get these principles down-solid because this is your game plan. These 60 days were laying out for you really will help you take back control. So stay tuned, day 56 stay productive and focus on the future’s outcomes. When you get wrapped up, okay, here’s, here’s what I don’t talk about. It’s called the Four Agreements. This is going to help you do that mindset shift in the Four Agreements. It’s a great book by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s called the Four Agreements. And this is what it is, number one never assumed. Number two, never take anything personally. That includes compliments. Okay, and that’s the challenge. Number three always do your best. Number four is to be impeccable with your word. When you’re engaged in these four things, the outcome doesn’t matter and you can live life and feel great and have this abundance mindset and, and everything just operates smoothly. But again, you get attached to that outcome and it doesn’t go your way you’re gonna get discouraged. You’re going to focus on lack, you’re going to focus on failure. So part of your mental maturity detaches from the outcome, and you guys will see it you’ll feel it and it’ll be awesome. So that’s what I got for you. Thanks for tuning in. Hey, we got a couple more videos to show you. As the days go on to stay plugged in. Thumbs up, show some love. I appreciate you guys. Take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out.