Empower Others

July 14, 2017

“Hey everybody, it is day 50 of our 60 sunrises to success video series. I’m here with one of my coaches, Brandon Allen. He’s an amazing trainer, entrepreneur, business owner, very successful. And today we’re talking about empowering others. He’s a big expert on that in the last year, I’ve been working with him, he’s been empowering me. And we want to share some ideas and topics with you on what you can do to empower others around you. It’s a major key to the success puzzle. And so we want to share some ideas. Brennan empowering others. What’s the major key here?”


“Man, I think with empowering others, the first thing that we got to do is be really intentional about empowering ourselves, putting ourselves in a position to be the best version of ourselves that we possibly can, without comparing ourselves to others in that process of being the best that we can be. But also looking at how we bring out the best in others. And the best way to do that is to get our focus off of ourselves, and figure out what other people want, what other people need, what other people are looking for, and really recognizing that those things are going to be different from the things that we value and the things that we’re looking for. And if we want to empower others, it’s about having empathy. It’s about asking good questions. It’s about caring for people at a high level, and just meeting them where they’re at. And then building whatever training stories, things around that, to really help them be successful. And I always say, as a leader, look, I don’t want to I don’t expect people to be where I’m at what I want to do as I want to meet other people where they’re at, and, and bring them along the journey and empowering others that is so critical, because everyone has a different skill set. Everyone has different things that they want to achieve, and that they want to accomplish. And my job as someone who’s trying to empower others is to figure out what that looks like.

Okay, and we were talking earlier, Stephen Covey said first seek to understand then be understood and it’s really hard to empower others if you’re not first seeking to understand them. And that’s more of the mature approach to your relationships. You want to build them, you want to build your business, build your health, build your communication skills. It’s all around empowering others. So what are you doing today, tomorrow this week, to empower people. It’s a major key, you want to build up a team, you want to build a business you want to succeed. This is one of the steps. So appreciate you being here. Thanks, guys for joining in. We’ll see you next time. Remember, take back your existence, or die like a punk peace out.”