June 12, 2017

Hello everyone coming to you from Minnesota of all places. Holy cow. Look how beautiful this is. I’ve got Jonathan in the back about to take some pictures of the sunset, one of the team photographers, a mastermind behind the whole plan. Today I want to talk to you about the day 23 lesson, which is enthusiasm. And why is enthusiasm so important? Well, a couple of things. One, if we look at the root word of enthusiasm, what it actually means is entheos. Now en is inner and theos is God. So it’s really tapping into your inner God or letting your inner God be exposed to the outer world. So enthusiasm can be overbearing for some people.



Jim Rohn would say it is necessary to bottle your enthusiasm. Now enthusiasm is magnetic. And when you use it appropriately, you could bring a lot of people, ideas, concepts, relationships into your life. In this vacation house, we’re staying at right now. There’s a lot of guys in here that use their enthusiasm to create the lifestyle that they want. So we’re out here doing this interesting golf trip. So if you guys stay tuned, we’ll be bringing you some golf videos tomorrow. Imagine me golfing, right? Anyway, enthusiasm. How is this going to help you improve your life? Well, when people ask you how you’re doing, for me, one of the best ways to create attraction and magnetism towards what I’m doing is to meet that question. How are you doing with enthusiasm? So when people ask me how I’m doing you and I say, I say I’m doing so freakin good, I can barely stand it. And they’re like, wow, I want what you have. Like, I know you do. So meeting those people with that enthusiasm. It’s huge. I’m doing so wonderfully well, I can barely stand it. It’s gonna make a lot of people want to talk to you.

Enthusiasm is also what all the charismatic geniuses use, they use their enthusiasm to bring more people into their world. And it’s something that is your own energy. Tony Robbins says that your emotions are caused by motion. So if you don’t like the emotion that you’re experiencing, you have to change the motion of your body. And emotion is caused by motion. So if you’re slumped down and hunker down, and you’re being all boring and slow and soft-spoken, then you’re going to have a very low emotion. But when you bring it up high, and you say what’s up everyone, and you give them big hugs and big high fives and you bring that bigger in that motion, you know, bigger hands bigger gesture, standing tall, and you bring in that motion, you will feel the emotion of enthusiasm. To meet people with your enthusiasm, right? I’m doing so wonderfully well, I could barely stand it. How are you doing? And they’re gonna say, wow, I haven’t met someone like you in a while. So enthusiasm, a major key to success. Okay, bottle it, use it, some people get overwhelmed by it. So you’ll need to dial it down sometimes. When I go to Toastmasters, it’s a public speaking group. I go Fridays at noon in my area, and there are some people who are of the more seasoned age. And if I bring that level of intensity to the room, I will actually alienate myself. It’s too much for them, they can’t handle it. So I got to bottle my enthusiasm when I’m hanging out with them. And so be aware of the people that you’re with and what level of enthusiasm is required. But always, just take one extra notch with enthusiasm

It’ll bring more people, more opportunities, more energy into what you’re trying to accomplish. And I know this guy’s enthusiastic about serving his team. This guy gets up early and stays up late. And really makes sure that the people on his team get what they’re looking for. He’s enthusiastic about service, and apparently tonight enthusiastic about murdering mosquitoes. But he’s also capturing some great pictures.

So that’s it day 23 we’re calling it a good day. So quick recap on that. Rule number one, whatever is offered take it, rule number two, whatever is suggested do it. And rule number three, whatever happens, declare it perfect. That’s how I ended up in Minnesota here. also excited to reach out to Mike Adams. I get to hang out with him later on today. I don’t get to see him a lot. But he’s here in Minnesota so I got to hang out with him. To Stay enthusiastic you must act enthusiastic. Remember, emotion is caused by motion. All right, beautiful. People have a wonderful night. And we will sign off, remember, take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out.