July 19, 2017

Hey guys, welcome to day 54. Alright, so today day 54 we are talking about entrepreneurship. And it kind of made me think about Mr. Ford. But before I get into that, I brought a 1973 Mustang. One of the reasons why I wanted to bring this up is because of what Mr. Ford was all about, and entrepreneurship. 

I admire this guy, because, in his research and development center for his business and what he was producing, he got some of the best scientists, best engineers, and mathematicians and said, Guys, I want a V8. I want four cylinders on one bank, four cylinders on another bank. And I wanted to share the same crankshaft go and make it for me go. And they go to the lab, they go to town, they get to work, and come back six months later and say Hey, Mr. Ford, sorry, we cannot make it. It is an impossible science. We cannot do this. It’s physically impossible. He says, Okay, I didn’t ask you if it was possible or not, I told you to go make it. Don’t make me repeat myself. And left the meeting, the scientists went back to work. Another six months to a year go by. And they’re still like, Hey, we don’t know how to make this. And he said, Listen, if you guys want your job, and you want to keep your job, you want to keep getting paid, you better make a V8. And finally, months, and years down the road from when he decided what he wanted, he got the V8. So we can all thank Henry Ford’s determination, and pertinacity if I dare use that word, to get this done. And now, we get V8 in two-door cars and trucks. I mean, it’s an incredible invention.

Entrepreneurship is about making your ideas come to reality. It’s about bringing out what’s inside and entrepreneurship. We were all entrepreneurs in case you guys never thought about it. From day one. As humans, we were entrepreneurs, right, we were living in caves, you’d have to go leave the cave to go do the hunting or do the gathering and come back and bring it back. We had to go out and make that sale, we had to go out and plant those seeds. And that is entrepreneurship. So we’re all entrepreneurs. So don’t be intimidated by that word. I know sometimes people are like, oh, entrepreneurship, I can’t even spell that word, I just want a job. Give me a job. And that’s the trap. That’s the trap. We’re all entrepreneurs and we’re brainwashed into going to get a job. And how we do that is we go to 12 years of public education to prepare for a job. 

We are all entrepreneurs. And so I want to give you a couple of tools, some ideas that you’ll be able to use to improve your entrepreneurship as you’re going to build. So there are four main drivers for your business. And a big shout out to Brandon Allen for helping me understand this concept. Number one is relationships. There are always more relationships that you could be fostering or relationships that can lead to your success. Number two is ideas. Right? We’re always one idea away from a breakthrough or the next level in our business or our relationships. So ideas, gathering new ideas, and being around people that are idea-oriented, Okay, number three is going to be systems and processes, systems and processes. And, that’s one of my weaknesses. So I find people who are their strength and work with them. They leverage my strength, I leverage their strength, that’s entrepreneurship. And then number four, it’s going to be marketing, getting your message out there, getting people to know what you’re up to, and what you’re doing marketing. So those are the four levers and the four drivers for your business, for your project for your endeavor, whatever it is that you’re engaging in.

So use those, or do you have fresh ideas? Are you out there marketing? Are there relationships you could be working on people you’ve identified that you want to work with you want to collaborate with? And then your systems and processes what’s step one? step two, step three, how do we improve it? How do we speed it up? How do we save more money and make more money?

That’s it, guys. Don’t settle for the job. You’re all entrepreneurs. Take back your existence. Check out this car. Now, this is just the beginning. Doing the engine and the transmission is just the beginning. We’re gonna get the paint job done. Still, got the original wheels? Right? Check that stuff out. This is gonna be an amazing project. We’re gonna turn it into a billboard on wheels and write the whole thing off. Get a tax write-off for it. That’s how an entrepreneur does it. Alright guys, thanks for joining in all you beautiful people for jumping on to appreciate it. Hope that was helpful. If you like it, thumbs up, share the video. You guys are awesome. Okay, day 54 take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out guys.