June 17, 2017

Hey guys, welcome to day 27. We are in the park right now. I got Shelley Sims with me. We got some people celebrating success. Anyway, I wanted to bring you a lesson and share a quick story with you that not a lot of people got to hear. Recently while I was in Mexico, I got to exercise day 27. And the lesson is forgiveness. Now, here’s the quick story. We’re cruising along in the jeep, right? You guys may have seen that video, and I get to the traffic light. I’m looking up at the light, I look over to the side and I see a sign that it has a U-turn symbol and I’m like, perfect. I need to do a U-turn. The GPS says go that way. So I’m sitting in the left turn lane, the left arrow light turns green. And I’m like, great. Here we go. And I do my U-turn. Turns out. No, you don’t do that I got pulled over about 20 seconds later by two motorcycle cops. And come to find out there is a specific light after the left turn light for U-turns, Who woulda thunk it? Anyway, I love learning. I’m talking to the cop. He says yeah, if you want to, you can just go down to the courthouse, pay it and then call me when you’re done. We’ll meet up and I’ll give you your ID like wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right. So long story short, I ended up giving him 2000 pesos for my ID. Right? We’re sitting there. He takes off and has the money. I got my ID back. I’m in a car full of friends. And I’m like, well, moving right along. Now I was able to do this day 27 we’re talking about forgiveness. All right, we must be able to forgive, to let go. You know, I could have sat there the whole time and played the victim. Instead, I just decided, you know what, it’s all gravy baby, he needed the money more than I did. Whatever. Let’s move on and keep having fun, which we did. It didn’t even faze us. So it’s a major key to forgiveness.



Now, Shelley is a coach, she helps people move through blocks in their life. And she’s helped me before I’ve helped her. It’s a win-win. And anyway, there are some other ideas that I want her to share with you guys about forgiveness, what do you get?

“So one of the amazing things about forgiveness is it’s never about the other people. It’s only ever about ourselves, we need to forgive so that we can feel happier, more joy, more light. If we hold a grudge against someone we’re wandering around with, like a gigantic weight on our shoulders, and we can’t move. It takes a lot more energy to hold anger and frustration and, and unforgiveness towards someone than it does to just be loving and kind and say, I understand that you did not know what you were doing. Or I maybe don’t even understand what you were doing. But I forgive you anyway. And it’s much freer and happier and it makes your life easier if you can send those loving thoughts to someone else and forgive them.”

Beautiful. That’s the major key guys don’t get bogged down, right on your success path. Life is gonna throw you a lot of silliness. And you can take it personally and get all offended and hold resentment or you can just say, isn’t that interesting? And move right along. Okay? That’s the key to forgiveness. Forgive your past, right? forgive your mom, forgive your teachers. Forgive. You know, Uncle Sam, forgive, forgive yourself. Forgive the bureaucrats, forgive your neighbor, forgive your siblings. Just move on. Right? They’re not the same people anyway, so just move on. You don’t need to carry around that poison. I think it a wise man once said, right, that resentment is like poison. But when you take it, you poison yourself. Okay. So don’t hold on to resentment. Let it go. Day 27 is your success. Thanks for joining guys. Forgiveness is a major key. Forgiveness for yourself. That’s right. So I had to forgive myself for going in the wrong light.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in. Guys. We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 28. And coming to you from Denver. Got some amazing team members sun’s going down. Grill just had some amazing food. Anyway, amazing people had an amazing day. Take care guys. And we’ll see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.