If You Have The Chance To Get The Jeep, Get The Jeep

May 25, 2017

We are on the streets of Puerto Vallarta Mexico in the state of Jalisco. Michael Huggins is driving the jeep. Chris Robins our right pistol. Your friend Gavin McCaleb. We’ve spent the last I don’t know, uno hora, as they say here, one hour, driving up and down the streets.

There seems to be some kind of a viewpoint that we can see, but we can’t figure out how to access it. I spent an hour or so driving up and down dead-end streets and asking the same Lady for instructions. We’ve passed the same street many times, and in any case, it’s been a true adventure. It’s what appears to be a pedestrian platform for viewing and photo taking. We did have one individual who seems to have said that it’s the property of the cruises that come into town. So maybe we’re gonna go look at some other stuff. 

We’re just having fun. We’re just out exploring. We got a real estate magazine. So we can write the trip off. To be honest, we’re writing it off because we’re doing a small private event. But yeah, here we are. It’s fun. It’s sunny. I got this new hat. Compliments of Mr. Michael Huggins.

It’s nice and tropical. Just right above the bay. You know regardless of whether we ever get to that view tower the experience has been a joy. 

All right, Michael, any words of wisdom for the group? Well whatever is offered, take it. And when you go rent a car, be sure to get a Jeep. If you’re going to go to a place that has at least 45-degree inclines get the Jeep. 

Very True. Sometimes you gotta make it up as you go. Okay, if it’s offered to you take it, and if you have a chance to get the Jeep, get the Jeep.