Giving Back

July 12, 2017

Hi, everybody, welcome it is day 48. I got my team here and we just finished an awesome dinner. We’re gonna go see a movie, really excited about that, beautiful weather. And today’s message day 48, what I want to talk to you about a key principle, the idea of giving back. And as you continue to receive more, you have to give more.



Imagine that your blessings are in a cup, right. And if your cup is full, then you don’t get any more. So you got to give, give, give, give empty that cup and it’ll create space for more and more machines. And the blessings come in the form of ideas, inspiration, friendships, relationships, money, and time. So it’s a matter of not just giving your money, but giving of your time giving of your ideas giving of your experiences, the whole premise is giving. So one reason why we’re doing this video series is to just give back with the knowledge, the information, the stuff that we’ve been able to figure out over the years, we want to give it out to you guys. So a lot of people that don’t make a lot of money, I’ll hear him say this, they’ll say, you know if I easily give away 10% if I had more money. And what I want to challenge your thinking on is you would have more money if you gave some away if you change the vibration you have on the money. So it’s an interesting shift, you will have more money if you give it away. That was not something that was ever taught to me. As a kid growing up I would always hoard money, hold it, hold it, hold it, and don’t let anyone have it. So when my mentors and other people I’m working with say you gotta give it away. It kind of blew my mind.

So today’s point, give giving is a major key giving your time, give your energy, give your ideas, give your patients. Sometimes people just need to be heard. And so giving your patients is a big deal. giving, giving, giving. So anyway, going back to this, people will say yeah, if I had more money, I’d give some away. And, and so it’s easy to think you know what, I’d happily give a dime out of every dollar easily, I’d give a dime out of every dollar. That same principle applies. If you make a million dollars, you have to give away 100,000. If that’s still the same principle, the time for $1, 100,000 for a million. So over the last couple of years, Vanessa and I have grown our business, we’ve made over a million dollars. And we’ve given away to causes, to charities, to friends in need to friends of friends in need. We just kind of give it our space for more to come in.

So today’s idea is about giving a really good example, guys are Andrew Carnegie. Right? He spent the majority of his life amassing this incredible wealth. And what did he do with the second half of his life, he gave it all away, gave it all away, turned into libraries for everyone. It turned into so many opportunities and scholarships and you see all these wealthy people that give away money. And then we have this messed up mind when we’re stuck in poverty, we say well, why would I give money away, they should be giving me money. And that’s the wrong vibration to bring. That’s the wrong attitude to bring to that concept. Giving for the sake of giving not to receive you give to give, not to receive. Hope you guys got that.

Giving for the sake of giving them service, you know, sometimes I’m out in the middle of the night route, doing different marketing things or making videos and whatever. And I’ll see someone pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire, I’ll get out and help them, I don’t have to do that stuff. Maybe they don’t. So I’ll help them. The whole idea is to give giving, giving, giving. So if you’re blessed, give it away and make room for more. 

A couple of thoughts on that Michael share the whole mindset of once I have a lot of money, I’ll give a lot of money. That doesn’t work, because it’s really easy to give 10 cents on the dollar. But when you’re clear, 100 grand, 500 grand, those numbers get a lot bigger and it’s a lot if you don’t have the right mindset of saying I’m used to this, this is important to me. Once you’re stroking a check that’s to donate to give away to whatever organization that is, you’re stroking that check that’s more than what you used to make it a year.

If you’re not in that mindset, you’re not going to be able to do it. And people that when you’re focused on any money that I make is all for me, me, me. You’re coming from a mindset of spirit. The City you’re focused on, I need it all because there’s not going to be anymore. But when you’re looking at it and saying, hey, what I’ve got, I have a producer mindset. What I made today is great tomorrow, I’m going to make more, then you’re coming from a position of abundance. And it is, I don’t need all of this. I’ve been blessed with all of this, but I don’t need it all. Others need it, I’m going to pay it forward, I’m going to give it back. And then you will be blessed with more and that’s something that Laura and I have held that as a philosophy for many years. 10% of what we make we pay it forward. And let’s make it a habit distantly, yet we have continued to be more and more successful. And we attribute a big part of it to that. So it works. 

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. It works. Give something away. If you don’t have money to give, go give some time some people need a visitor in, in hospital wings, there are the homeless shelter needs help handing out food, give of your time. The point is to give something to create space. For more in the future. We live in an abundant world. To create that space and share it with somebody. All right. Awesome. It’s a cycle. It’s a cycle guys, and give up all of your resources. ideas, inspiration, energy. time, money. You got it. All right. Thanks for jumping in, guys. Thanks for the thumbs up. Appreciate you. Share, Like Comment, and remember. Take back your existence.