Goal Setting- Write Down Your Goals!

June 22, 2017

Hey everybody, it is day 31, checking back in with you, got some good ideas around today’s lesson, which is goal setting. I know a lot of people hear about goals. And they know it’s important to do goals, but for some weird reason, they still don’t do it. So I’m gonna give you a couple simple steps, and hopefully some inspiration as to why it is necessary for you to be setting some goals. 

So, last year, I set a goal for myself, of making $50,000 in one month, that was my goal.  I worked really hard on it, I wanted to reward myself with instead of driving to the location where I was working, I was going to fly. If I hit that goal of $50,000, in one month.  It took me several months to do it. But I finally did it! Now we’re here at the office. We just had a wonderful, productive day with these two guys and a few other team members. We’re just wrapping up and I wanted to let you guys know that the goals are what’s going to pull you through the challenges, through the mess, through the muck. 

Henry Ford said that obstacles are those ugly things you see when you take your eyes off of your goals. I have to be going home now. But I do want to talk with you guys and make sure that we checked in on day 31 goals. The other thing about goals is, is writing them down. Writing them down. If you don’t write down your goals, you might as well just blow in the wind. Okay, writing the goals is necessary. Because something magical happens. I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t know why it works. But when your hand touches the paper and you’re writing down your goal is going to happen so much faster. I’m inspired by Bob Proctor, he shared a story about when he set a goal of having $10,000. And he just wrote it down, put it in a post-it-note, put it in his pocket and carried it around with them and looked at it several times a day. And, and it worked. He got his goal. 

I finally hit my goal hit $50,000 in a month. It was incredible. It set a new standard in my mind for what I can be achieving. But then I also asked these guys Nick, and Cameron gorgeous Lewis to share what they did with their goals and how they hit them. And it doesn’t always have to be a money goal. So Nick, what was your goal we were just talking about? 

“So my goal was to read two books, two books a month. And I’m already up to 11. This year! Yeah. 30!  Well, 24 total this year, but I think I’m on track to hit 30!”

“Nice. See, that’s a major key, guys is reading! Most millionaires read at least two books a month. Nick’s already doing two a month. So great work. Gorgeous.

“Yeah, my goal is to become financially free debt-free. And after I found a strategy and a system that worked for me, it took me 22 months. And because of that result, I was able to buy my family their dream vehicle, take an action move forward, keeping that up.”


See- what you focus on expands! His goal was to get out of debt. You know, we found him in a whole bunch of debt. And we started digging, getting out of that hole sort of putting in that work. So the idea of goals is just to carry them around with you constantly be obsessed with them. It’s the thing that’s gonna set you apart from everyone else. Everyone’s got these, these wishes. But as soon as you put them on a piece of paper, with a deadline, that’s when it becomes a goal. So I now have the goal of going home, going to bed, and counting my blessings. We’re going to listen to an audiobook on the way home. Thanks, guys for being here. 

Look at all these happy people. We kick butt here in Denver. We’re holding down the fort. And we will see you guys in Salt Lake next week. I’m really grateful for you guys. I’m driving now. So I gotta go. Bye.