Going The Extra Mile

July 15, 2017

“Hi world, welcome. It is day 51. I’m with my buddy, Dr. Nate Lambert. And today we are talking about going the extra mile. Now this is a major key if you’re going to become successful in life and business, in your relationships, going the extra mile, and I heard it put this way, the extra mile, there’s no traffic, so it’s not crowded, go for it go along the extra mile. And that is where you’re going to experience most of your success. And this wasn’t always my way of life. I always thought that it was this doggy competitive kind of world, I didn’t know about going the extra mile. I thought that was just strictly reserved for things like charity. But really, it’s a way of life and it’s an attitude, it’s an approach to expanding your life and getting more out of it. So I’m here with Nate, he’s been kicking butt taking names, being a great example to the team in the community here, and trying to share a little bit on what it means to go the extra mile. So take notes, what do we get here?”



“Well, I mean, going the extra mile is so crucial for building your business and just being successful in life in general. You know, it’s just a mindset that we all need to adapt to really help the most people, right, the idea is, we’re here to help other people. In real estate, we’re specifically trying to self solve problems. And the better that you can do at solving problems, the more people that you can help the more money and value in relationships that are going to flow into your life.”

“Yeah, it’s a big deal. And some people think that they should get paid more money before they go along the extra mile. And, the old mentality of Hey, you should pay me more because I want it because I deserve it. You can’t strike your way to a promotion, you can’t demand your way to a promotion, the only way to guarantee promotion in life and business at your job, whatever, is to go the extra mile and to do that work first. And then life will balance it out with the reward, the compensation, the money, the relationships, whatever it is you’re looking for. So if you want to expand your means, you have to go along the extra mile.”

“Yeah, you know, I mean, ultimately, Money Follows value, the more value that we can add, the more we’re gonna get back.”

“It’s all about adding value. So when you’re thinking about going the extra mile, it’s little things like holding the door, it’s little things like letting people cut into traffic, right? We talked about this in a few other videos, but it’s also just time, giving them your time. It’s also critically thinking like, Okay, I’m gonna go meet someone, later today. Can I bring him a drink? Or can I rearrange something to make it easier on their life? going the extra mile with your spouse is also a really big deal, which I’m so grateful for the guidance around that, you know, I got married a few months ago, and working on developing that relationship needs to be married for quite a while. What about going the extra mile in your relationships? What does that like?”

“Yeah, you know, for me, it’s just super important, in a relationship to make sure someone feels really valued and special. Be the CEO of the extra mile to express your gratitude to them. And that’s actually what I studied as a Ph.D. was gratitude and gratitude, specifically in relationships. Well, so you, you’ve got, it’s not, it’s, you got to actually let people know to express to them regularly, how much they mean to you just today, I sent my wife a text. And I just said, You know, I just had a rush of joy, thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life. And you know, that I really meant a lot to her. And I could tell just doing that extra appreciation and showing people that love going the extra mile and that way really can make a relationship strong.”

“Wow. That’s awesome. So do you think that was awesome guys throughout the likes, wrote the hearts you know what I’m talking about, plus, the more likes and hearts and happy faces you put in these videos, it will show up on other people’s feeds? So if you like what you’re seeing, put the thumbs up and take some notes going the extra mile. It’s a big deal. It’s doing more than you get paid for, it’s doing more than it’s expected out of you. And that will guarantee you your promotions in life, more friendships, more health, right going the extra mile with your meal plan and taking that seriously and stop eating at the drive-thru and, and, and eat better to be able to get more out of life. And, and so here today, we’re this fix and flip, right, we’re just hanging out in the garage here moving some stuff out. And what we’re doing is going the extra mile here is just teaching some new people how to acquire the property. You know, we don’t, we don’t have to do this. We’re just volunteering to be here but there’s a lot of other things People taught us along the way and so some other people went the extra mile for us. Now we’re here going the extra mile. So that’s it. That’s a great way to ensure that you will expand. We’re joined now, ladies and gentlemen, by the infamous Christian Sadler.” 

“What’s up everybody?”

“Hey, going the extra mile is important. What do you have to say on that?”

“I gotta say, when you go the extra mile, you’ll be amazed at what shows up.”

“Yeah, more will show up. More will show up in your life if you go the extra mile. Okay. It’s been a great example. Christian Sadler was the one me getting into real estate. He was here and he’s been going the extra mile ever since. So it’s a new way of life. If you guys haven’t tried it, try it out. I think you’ll like it.”

“I went the extra mile for Michael and now he’s constantly going the extra mile for me and for people who know me. So Isn’t that interesting?”

“Yeah. Yeah. It definitely goes both ways. Cool. Well, I appreciate you guys being here. Remember, take back your existence, or die like a punk. Peace out.”