June 01, 2017

60 sunrises to success. I’m with the Seattle team here. We just finished a great training on growth. And on day 13 the lesson today is on always having an attitude of growth and growing. It’s not always easy, but it is necessary.



We’re talking about growth, the idea, and the concept of always having a learning and growing attitude. And with me, I have one of the people who is constantly stepping out of his comfort zone and trying new things. He’s designing businesses, he’s creating team members. I think he’s even actually working on a book that’ll be coming out later next year. So stay tuned for that. But anyways, Josh, what do you have to say about growth.

“Well, growth is important. And a wise man once said to me, don’t go through life, be sure and grow through life? Always be reaching, always get out of your comfort zone. Always be learning and always be helping other people learn as well.”

Okay, it’s that growth mindset. So right here, I also want to introduce you guys to another one of our youngest team members, his name is Rolando. And we’re going to be building a business together with him. And he had a quick realization from something that we talked about today. So I wanted him to have a quick sharing moment with you guys. So what did you learn? 

“Yeah, so today, because I have a broad mindset, I thought I could finish my education in two to three months. But today, I found out I can finish in 10 days.”

 So instead of three months, it can be a week and a half to start hitting your goal. Another reason why he was open to that guys, is what we’re talking about for day 13 is the growth mindset. He showed up saying, you know teach me. I’m coachable. Doesn’t matter how old he is, he’s 18. We’re gonna be building a business together. So some of you guys are sitting there thinking wow, I don’t have enough experience to build a business or to pursue my dreams. And, this is how we’re able to help people. And it’s with that growth mindset. So he showed up, coachable said, I’m gonna do this in three months. And we were like, Well, how about a week and a half instead? And he said Yes.

There was one other person where is she, she’s walking away. All right. We’re gonna have Kate share something in a minute or two. Um, but for me,  I’ve learned about growth in the comfort zone, it’s staying out of the comfort zone. And, so it’s not always comfortable, to stay up late and to get up early in order to go do what you need to do to impact people’s lives. So in what you’re pursuing whether that’s a health goal, a relationship goal, a business goal, a real estate goal. It’s never too late to have what might have been. So this is Kate. She’s part of the Seattle team. And she’s one of the most coachable people I know. And one of the lessons we were talking about today, she had an aha moment. And I want her to share that.

“That your past does not determine your future that had a personal meaning to me and also someone I can reach out to right now in my life, that I can help with that. And growth keeps me young.”

So growth mindset guys, there’s something we need to do to attack. There’s a fixed mindset, which gets intimidated by success or by growth or by prosperity. And then there’s the growth mindset, which enables it, which applauds it? So which mindset are you in? Are you in the growth mindset or the fixed mindset? And I would definitely encourage you guys to make that shift. There’s a great book on the fixed mindset and growth mindset. So check that out. Thanks for tuning in. And tomorrow we’ll be in Denver. Actually, tonight. I’m headed to Denver to get on a plane here in just a little bit. And so I’m looking forward to adding value out in that world. And thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you guys soon. Bye, everybody.