Health Over Wealth

July 16, 2017

Happy Sunday Funday everybody! Today is day 52. And I just got home from a fun little pool party. We were talking about health, wealth, and happiness right everywhere I go, I’m trying to talk about health, wealth, and happiness. And today, day 52, we are talking about our health. Specifically, I want to share a few quick ideas on why we should take health more seriously. And one of the biggest things is Napoleon Hill’s talking about the 12 riches of life. And he says, you know, a lot of people put money over as the top of the riches. Really at the top of the list of 12 riches, number one is a positive mental attitude. And the second thing that he puts on the top 12 riches is sound physical health having a healthy body. 



I want to brag about my buddy Paul here a little bit in the last four months or so. He has dropped a ton of excess body fat, he’s completely changed the way his body shows up in the world. And it is from a few simple disciplines repeated every day. And so I want to kind of share that with you guys as we get into this. And too many people are feeding, you know, they feed their dog better than they feed themselves, they feed their horse better than they feed themselves and that’s a shame because we have so much opportunity so much abundance here. We don’t have to settle for junk. So one thing is always eat three in three parts, carb, protein, and essential fatty acid.

Now I got this information from one of the world’s most decorated bodybuilders on the planet. His name is Ron Williams. He’s part of our organization here seven times Mr. Olympia. And he says never eat a carb alone. Never eat a carb by itself and then you won’t get an insulin spike. Never eat a carb by yourself and ever eat a carb alone. This is English for you don’t need a carb by itself. Okay? Always pair a carb with a protein. And that will help monitor and regulate your insulin. And some of us are like well, why regulate insulin? Who gives a crap? What’s that about? What’s that about is your energy level throughout the day, instead of eating a bag of chips and then crashing. Again. You eat some broccoli and some carrots in an apple and you can stay a lot more healthy. Even throughout your day. You don’t have these sugar spikes. That’s what happens when you eat a carb alone. 

So we’re talking about eating healthy. It is one of the top riches of when Napoleon Hill wrote out his list of the Top 12. Financial Security is actually number 12 is at the very bottom, very top positive mental attitude and sound physical health. So this should be part of your priorities. A couple of the things about your health is it’s actually really easy to do. When you have the right mindset. Don’t approach this thing and say, Well, I ate a salad today. Why did I not lose any weight? It’s overtime. It’s a little thing over time to start to build up, eat your salad, drink your water, keep your metabolism going. Okay, a lot of people when they are going to lose weight, they think oh, I should completely cut calories. And that’s not always the case. 

Sometimes you just got to move heavy shit. Gotta go to the gym and move stuff around. Okay, or walk around. The point is to keep your metabolism high and keep studying your metabolism. You can actually lose weight and change your body in your sleep. Okay, don’t have to spend hours and hours at the gym every day. It’s the little disciplines every day that add up. Take your health seriously. Please, for your own sake, stop eating what I call edible food-like products. Okay, it looks like food. Smells like food and even sometimes tastes like food. But it’s not food. Okay, we want to know where our food is coming from. Where’s the milk coming from? Where’s the cow coming from? Where are their pesticides on the food or not? These are the kind of stuff we really got to pay attention to. Don’t eat pesticides sound good for you. If it comes in a box, you have to unwrap it. It’s probably not food. Yeah, if it comes in a box and you have to unwrap it is probably not food. 

This is where you get the vitality for life. This is where you can put in a 20 hour day working on a project and not feel tired because you put the proper nutrients in your body now It’s, uh, you know, some people will justify and they say, Well, you know, the better food is more expensive. You know, it’s more expensive than a trip to the hospital diabetes medication, the expensive health insurance, that stuff adds up. So eating, eating the good stuff, in the long run, will pay off. It’ll give you the mental energy to go and create the life you want. And it won’t confuse your body. Think about this. If your body is requesting a banana and some peanut butter, and you give it a Coca Cola. Your body is gonna think Whose side are you on? What are you doing here? I’m trying to keep us alive and keep infection and illness away. And here you are sending me a Snickers bar. Right? So take this thing seriously. 

I have a question, What are you pairing with your carb every day? It is a lean protein. an avocado and I really like to just get chicken. Clean lean protein chicken. My friend over here does not eat chicken. He doesn’t eat cows. He doesn’t eat pigs. He’ll eat fish and a lot of Eggs. cage-free egg whites. Okay? Gotta get your spinach going on. Right or else you’re gonna get your vitamin K. Don’t forget about the blackberries and blueberries. Right? Ooh, and the peppers, the bell peppers. Love it. Okay, if you want another great source of clean protein, Greek yogurt, unsweetened Greek yogurt. so freakin good. Put some berries on it, go to town. Okay, you can get a lot of protein. So another thing is to try to get at least 30 grams of protein per meal. So throughout the day, you’re getting between 90 and 100 grams of protein, and you will never feel a lack of energy. Okay, so combine them with carb protein, and essential fatty acid almonds are a great source for essential fatty acids. Avocados. Okay? Some fish oil. You know what else says I take a sip of cod liver oil who buddy but the essential fatty acids are the brain food. Okay, so we want to feed our muscles. We want to supply our muscles with the nutrients but we also want to give our brain that food and that’s essential fatty acids. Health is a thing about this. Would you trade your health for money? If someone said hey, you can have $10 million, but you don’t get your legs. What would you do? You probably keep your legs right. 

Health should never be sacrificed for the sake of wealth. Right? True wealth is a well-rounded body-positive mental attitude, great relationships, control of your time. And then economic independence. That’s wealth. Okay. There’s a difference between being rich and being wealthy, and we want to create this wealthy lifestyle. So I hope you guys are tracking your results. Set your goals. Remember, give yourself people to overestimate what they can do, you know in a week, but underestimate what they can do in a year. So give yourself 52 weeks, set a goal, stick with it, and get educated on it. The food that we think is food is not really out there if it’s in a box or bags, probably not food. And we want you to come along with this journey with us. And so take it seriously. Any last words my friend

So we can take back our existence. So we don’t die like a punk. Okay guys, take care. Read the food. Read the labels, read the nutrition facts. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Just saying. Alright, guys, I support you. If you need any help. You got some more questions about health, wealth and Happiness throw them in the comments and I will get them answered for you. Appreciate you guys being here. Thumbs up. Take care. Happy Sunday Funday we’d love to see you.