Investing In Yourself

July 26, 2017

Hey guys, here we go again inside the movie theater and today is Day 59. And I want to talk to you about the most valuable real estate in the world. JOHN O’Neill’s right here, it’s the six inches between our minds. Too many people think that when we talk about real estate and taking care of the most valuable real estate in the world, they’re thinking about Tokyo, or Florida, or New York or California, but it’s really our mind you just saw, buddy Bob signer back there, I got a couple of other team members. We were just doing a community event tonight and I wanted to celebrate and reward people for kicking ass and taking names with us. And so I wanted to remind you guys that the most valuable real estate in the world is the six inches between your ears. And with that being said, being the most valuable real estate, that means it’s incredibly important to your success in your future, that you invest in it, you put your time and energy effort into your mind. 



A lot of people think hey, after K through 12, I’m done. Or maybe you go on to get a 246-year degree and then people think, Hey, I’m done. I got educated and I invested in myself. But there are two different types of education. There’s academic education, and then there’s financial education. Okay, academic education will get you a job. Right? It’ll help you cover your basic needs, which is great. But our financial education, on the other hand, will drastically change your life. So what I’ve done over the last several years after getting out of college and got the degree, you got the student loans and got the job for me. Then I started learning way more about finances, and I started learning about health. And then I started learning about communication and relationships and started learning so much. And so over the last basically, seven years, I have just been cramming, cramming, cramming more and more classes, books, good night. workshops, ideas, concepts. Come on, there we go. We’re connected. Okay. So what about the people that you spend the most time with? Right? 

We talked about this in previous videos that the five people you spend the most time with, are going to influence your subconscious mind. So are you hanging out with people, and whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, co-workers or not, if you’re hanging out with them, they’re influencing your mind. So part of investing in your mind is making sure that you’re, you know who you’re hanging out with, and they’re on the same mission as you that they want to better their lives. They want to better their relationships, they want to better their businesses, they want to better themselves, if you’re hanging around people that want to get better, guess what? You will get better also. My buddy, Jim Rohn, says if you want to study happiness, if you want to be happy, study happiness, if you want to be healthy, study health, if you want to be wealthy study wealth.

 The point is to study after you get out of college or high school, it’s now time to start learning that that K through 12 puts you at a zero and puts you at your new base, the baseline. And anything over that is now something you can build on but just finishing your academic education is not enough. We got to get financial education invested in here. So over the last few years, I’ve been studying some real estate, which has been incredible. These guys are real estate investors here. This lady right here owns about 100 rental properties. That’s an incredible, completely new world that I’m stepping into when I got into real estate, but I also took classes on body language. And I took classes on coaching, I went to a John Maxwell coaching workshop about a year and a half ago when I got certified in that and have been studying and investing in the most expensive real estate in my mind. That is my mind. I want you guys to make this new model, this new operation of investing in yourself way more than you have been lately. Okay, it’s more than just getting a gym pass and buying a new suit.

 It’s really making these new commitments, these new lifestyle choices, and studying how often when you get in your car, you turn the radio on, versus put an audiobook on. Right now I’m listening to a couple of different books. But every time I get in the car, turn it on. It’s this study and it says putting it into your mind. This is the most valuable real estate in your mind. So invest in it. Do not neglect it. No one’s gonna do it for you. No one’s gonna do it for you. So also in, in, in realizing that our real estate, the most valuable real estate is our mind. I wanted to introduce you to Tanya. It’s one of my real estate investing buddies. She has been kicking ass taking names, leading the charge. She hasn’t had a job in decades because she’s a self-made entrepreneur. And it’s, it’s because of her ongoing education and self-development and working through there. What do you have to say about more education, community ideas, concepts, investing in your mind? 

“Well, the most important thing that I’ve learned over time, you can go the hard way. I’ve done that and it’s way more expensive. It’s way more painful. And it really is hard. Or you can go the easy way, educate yourself and you get there 10 times faster. The more you work on your mind, the easier everything is, believe it or not, education works. Getting the right education is even more important.”

Right. So we got the school of hard knocks. Thank you, Tanya. School of hard knocks, guys, that’s a route and you could do that. But there are also organized education platforms for you to go learn more. K, getting K through 12 is not enough anymore. Friends, family hear me, you’ve got to start studying more real estate, you got to start studying business, you got to start studying health and wealth. Eating the stuff that’s in the grocery store. If you don’t understand what that is, you don’t know how to read the label, you haven’t studied that. You don’t know what you’re eating. Ooh, there’s some lightning going on. So the point is, invest in your mind, go pick up a book, the library, the books are free. They’re free. Okay, go invest in your mind. Nick Young. Welcome. Everyone, Nick Young is back in action. What do you have to say about investing in your mind and investing in yourself? 

“I have to say that it’s gonna be a lifelong process, as long as you continue to invest in yourself, that is the best and safest investment you’re ever going to make. And that’s because no one can take your knowledge and experience that you put into yourself and to grow. It’s yours to keep and no one can ever take it from you.”

There you go. That’s a high rate of return. Okay, a lot of times, people are looking for rates of return, and mistakenly they go try to get a return off of a job and do an hourly income. Right now an hour pay for an hour of work is low leverage activity. But high leverage activity is education, training, one hour of training could produce for hundreds of hours in the future. Coaching training, education information will change the situation. So please, stay in a growth mindset. There are two types. There’s a fixed mindset and there’s a growth mindset. The fixed mindset says, Well, that’s me. My abilities determine my outcome. Therefore, my life is already planned for me. And I’m done. There’s nothing new I could do but the growth mindset says, hey, my skill set can determine my ability and I can learn more skills I can grow I can try more things. So are you in a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? make that switch get into a growth mindset, it’s never too late to learn something new. learn a new language on a new skill and something new about your body or your food or your business or your money, your relationships. 

Here’s my lovely wife Vanessa and we’re constantly taking communication classes and different courses so that we can build our relationship better. So it’s all around just getting that education and surrounding yourself with people that want to get better also. Okay, you can be successful by association. See that guy stole some of my spotlights see what I’m talking about? He’s successful by association Alright guys, thanks so much for tuning in. We just saw Spiderman, that was awesome. And thanks for playing, we’re on day 59 investing in yourself. This the highest return that you can receive. It’s not the stock market. It’s not an invention. It’s not venture capitalism. It is you investing in yourself with the highest rate of return. Okay, so take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out guys.