August 03, 2017

Welcome to day 65. Today we are going to talk about leadership. Everything rises and falls on leadership. I’m in Mexico right now, and we’re at the Mayan in Cancun, so I don’t have the best signal. But I wanted to get this message out to you guys today.



Leadership is not easy. I’m going to tell you that right now, it’s so much easier in the workspace to get a job. It is not easy to be a leader. However, the pay scale from having a job versus being a leader, leading an organization leading a business, is very different. So what I want to say is that it’s worth engaging in leadership. 

How can you improve your leadership? I started the daily discipline by getting up on time, which was not easy because I like sleeping. The other thing was my attitude, leaving the language that was coming out of my mouth. A lot of times, life distracts us or discourages us. It’s a test of our leadership. 

If we become a good example, we can start to be able to lead them. I think the biggest attribute that I love about leadership is the ability to see a better version of someone than they see in themselves. A leader can see a better version of you than you can see in yourself. How can you go about that and bring that to someone else’s world? How can you let someone else know I can see this version of you that you want to become? I support you in that, and I got your back. 

The leader is the one who can see the mess the person is in, but then also make a plan so that people can adjust and get out of that mess. Alright, it’s not just pointing out the mess, but it’s helping them get out of it, helping them create that path. Okay, seeing a better version of people. Leadership is also knowing when to engage, and when to lean back. 

We want to build a business with real estate, marketing, dominate the internet, improve people’s lives because we could see a better version of people’s lives than they can see for themselves. We want to lead them to that lifestyle, to that example, to that freedom. So what are you doing? What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? To be an example to your family, to your business, your relationships. It’s an important key. 

I recommend you guys check out John Maxwell’s 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. I’ve been studying that guy for quite some time. That’s an incredible book. We’re going to be bringing you guys some leadership lessons throughout the five days that we’re here in this tropical paradise. Stay tuned, apply this stuff, you guys will get better results, I promise.

The first time I thought I was leading, I didn’t get it. What John Maxwell says is, if you’re out there, leading people, and you turn around, and no one’s behind you, you’re just out for a walk. So at that point, if no one’s following you, then it’s then your next step is to find a leader and follow them as closely as possible, whether that’s me or someone else. I’m putting myself out there to help you guys. That’s your next step. 

If no one’s following you, then it’s time for you to become a good follower. Being a good follower allows you to be a good leader because you see what it’s like. If you’re out for a walk, let’s gather up, let’s get together. I’m going to bring all that in real quick and just share with the millions of viewers. Yes. What’s the leadership tip? Just get started. They have never thought about it, a leadership tip is something to improve some to a shortcut. 

Maybe you’ve learned about leadership, start doing stuff for people. That was the first thing that kick started my journey into leadership. Learning about it is just serving the people around me. Looking at what the leaders above me were doing and seeing how I can help them and helping everybody that I could.

Part of a leadership attitude is the desire to serve and to help. Okay, we have recognition, an award, or a trophy that we give to people inside our group called the servant leadership award. That brings up a good point, who are you serving as your leader? As a leader who can you serve? Who do you want to serve? There are all different kinds of people to serve. 

The whole point is that with that service, you become a stronger leader. Don’t be thinking what can I get out of this? Who can I serve? That’s where the real power comes in. 

Well, it’s a beautiful day. We’re going to grab some food. Thanks for joining. Thanks for tuning in. You guys are awesome. Okay, we’ll check back in with you guys very soon. Who knows we might have some late-night shenanigans on the beach. Subscribe, thumbs up. Take back your existence or die like upon. Peace out.


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