Learning From Your Past

August 06, 2017

Welcome to day 68. I’m here with Tamara, and we are in Tulum. We’re visiting the past. Today we wanted to talk to you about learning from the past. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our heads about how I could have done this, could have done that, I should have gone to school. Don’t shoot on yourself. 



When you’re thinking about your past, one thing that I heard was, the same wind blows on us all. So what that means is your past, although it could have been challenging, could have changed the course. At the end of the day, the same wind blows on us all.

Jim Rohn says it’s not blowing of the wind, but it’s the set of the sail. The good news about that is you control the sail, your direction. It’s not what happened to you. It’s what you’re going to do about it. 

Thinking about the past, visiting the past, I hope you guys have a good association with it. We got this temple here in the background. All the people here. I wanted to share this message with you. Don’t let your past determine your future. Make it a decision right now, you set your sail, and you go for it. I’m also here with Tamara. So I wanted to ask her what, what do you think? 

Michael took some of the words that I was thinking out of my mouth. What I can say is we are the master of our own fate. We can do with the past, we can’t change it, but we can learn from it. We can make it better for the future. 

One thing I’ve had the exercise for this is anything in the past that you’re not happy with or you want to change, you write it down on a piece of paper and then rip it up. You know what, then you’re done with the past. That’s it. I’m focused on being present with my future, moving forward, and creating my destination. That’s what I want to encourage you guys to do.

Think about this. Why is the rearview mirror in your car so small? Because you’re not supposed to focus on the past? Right? It’s a good reminder of where you’ve come from, but stay focused on the future.

So, learn from your past, but your past does not dictate you. We want to leave this message with you guys today. We’ll check back in with you later tonight with some late-night shenanigans, and I have to find my party, bye guys. Thanks for tuning in on day 68. Take back your existence or die like a punk peace out.


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