Life Cycles

August 02, 2017

Hey guys, welcome to day 64, and today the message is about cycles. Now, if you’re just tuning in, let me know where you’re hopping in from. I am always interested in seeing where you guys are coming from. I travel a lot, so let me know where you’re from, and maybe one of these days, when I’m out and about, we can do a video together. 



Today I want to talk about cycles. An example of these cycles is through the Ant and the Grasshopper. If we start to think like an ant, we can get ahead and not be caught off guard. 

Okay, so here’s the difference. In the summer, the grasshopper hops around and has so much fun and is bugging the ants. Hey, what are you doing working so hard? It is summer, the sun’s out, and beautiful weather. Let’s play. Come on, let’s play. Why are you so busy? 

You want to know what the ant is constantly thinking winter, all summer. He’s thinking winter and storm. I have to get prepared. He’s thinking winter, all summer. What happens is the grasshopper thinks summer all summer. So when winter comes around, he is so well, he does not have the preparation that he needs for the winter. 

Now while the ants underground, they’re thinking about summer, and they’re just thinking, this won’t last long. We’ll be out of here soon. Today is all about understanding that we’re in a bunch of cycles. There are life cycles, karmic cycles, success cycles, and sales cycles. 

What’s important is to understand that it’s not always going to stay that way. That was the mistake with the grasshopper. He was thinking it’s going to be somewhere else this summer. The mistake was thinking that it’s going to be winter, all winter, and you start to get depressed and start to think out what’s even the bother what’s even the use. 

They get caught up in thinking that things will always stay the same. That happened in the real estate cycle. In 2005, six, and seven, everything was skyrocketing. People were like, this is great. It’s going to keep going up. Right? So they kept buying more and more, and then it went down. 

People started doing short sales, foreclosures, and auctions, and there was a big old mess. Then people started thinking in 2010 that it was never going to recover. It’s going to stay down real estate sucks, business sucks. They got caught up in thinking it’s going to be winter, all winter. 

The ant understands that this will soon be over. It’s all gravy baby. So let me put it to you this way. Here’s a different way of thinking about it before every expansion comes a contraction game before every expansion comes into contraction. For example, many people lose their job, the company goes out of business, maybe a transfer, whatever. People can look at that as something to get upset and depressed about, but that’s a contraction. 

That’s the universe, the world, the economy, forcing a contraction on you. Which, guess what, right around the corner, from every contraction is an expansion. If we start to think, this will soon be over, and we start to have a more positive outlook on things. With that positive outlook, we can now look around for more opportunities that we can be more aware of. 

Do not get caught in the bad part. There’s always a benefit to every cycle. So keep looking, keep searching, and you will find a benefit. Another cycle that I’m part of that I like to share with you guys is the statute of responsibility. What that means is with the Statue of Liberty, we have all these incredible freedoms and liberties and rights that we get to exercise here in America. If we are not responsible for these liberties, we’re going to lose them. 

So this whole idea of the statue’s responsibility is based around helping others. It has two hands, one bending down to help the other person up to the next level. With that, it creates a cycle because when you’re up on the next level, you turn around, you bend down, extend a hand, reach that out, pull the next guy up. While you’re done doing that, someone else got pulled up to the next level. They’re going to do that too. It’s this continuous cycle of pulling people up. 

What cycle are you in? We’re about to go to Cancun in the morning. I will finish this video and get on a plane in the morning. This is also a cycle in our business. We’ll take a week out somewhere tropical in the world. We focus on our business because we’re about to start a new cycle. 

It’s the same cycle, timing for kids going back to school. It’s now time to get back to business for us. Don’t get stuck in cycles. I guess we could also put it this way. I remember hearing even the sun shines on a dog’s ass. If I’m saying that, right? Things are static. It is always going in and out. 

Don’t worry about it. Always be thinking, this will soon be over, and focusing on the future, where’s the benefit? How can we think more like an ant and not be so naive, now our markets going up? It’s been going up for quite some time. If you go back and look at when the real estate value started going up back in 2011 is when it bottomed out and started going up. 

So we’ve been in an upcycle for six years, and it usually ends up in cycles between seven and ten years. I’m not here to tell you when it will turn into a down. What I do want to do is encourage you to think like the ant, in a couple of years when real estate prices start to go back down. 

What am I going to do? Am I going to say boohoo, I can’t get a loan from a bank. I guess I’m just going to rent, or you know how the ant would think and approach this is Alright, we’re getting discounts. We’re getting two for one special. What used to be $200,000 properties now. 100,000? And how are you going to position yourself to take advantage of that opportunity in the next couple of years? 

The message today is about cycles. Thank you guys for joining in. This is day 64. Tomorrow we’ll come to you live from Cancun. This is gonna be awesome. So continue these lessons. Thanks for tuning in. Leave a comment in there. Where are you from? Throw up some likes. You guys are awesome. 

Day 64 in the books. We’ll see you guys soon.  I’ll bring you into the experience. I’ll show you how to get it and make it a write-off for next year. Peace out. Take back your existence or die like a punk. 


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