May 23, 2017

Hi Everybody! Here we are again, Day five. I am on a ferry right now, leaving Staten Island. We are about to pass the Statue of Liberty. I was thinking about the Statue of Responsibility about an hour ago. Now here we are about to see the Statue of Liberty.

Today on day five, what I wanted to talk about is manifesting. The key to getting what we want in life is clarity. Clarity equals power. I will give you a quick example. One of the things that I am clear on is I do not want to stand in a line. I am more than happy to pay for the full value. If there is ever a time to get a Fastpass and pay extra for it or wait to skip the line, I will do it. 

We show up to the ferry, to the Staten Island stuff. Now we have to hurry because we want to go check out the beach. And we also want to go hop on a plane. We have to get back home. We get to the ferry and the line is crazy. It is a two-hour-long line. 

I am like, Can we pay extra to skip the line, please? And they say Nope we can’t do that. So we start thinking creatively. We’re keeping our minds open. We’re asking ourselves, how can we get to the Statue of Liberty on time? But still, have fun. 

Start asking these effective questions. Turns out this ferry that we’re on, goes right past it. It’s also free. Not only do we get to skip the line, but we didn’t have to pay. It’s the speed we want to go, it is amazing. The key to this is clarity. Clarity equals power. When we start asking effective questions about what we want. That’s how we get it.

So part of gaining your clarity is the daily affirmations and manifesting what you’re thinking about all the time. Sometimes I see people that say things like, Man, I want a new car. It’s like, well, what kind of car do you want? Then they don’t know. They’re not clear on it. As soon as someone says I want a 2013 Porsche Cayenne hybrid, I’m like alright, cool now we can manifest this thing. 

I saw someone the other day, and he was like, I want a black Cadillac. They weren’t clear about it. I started goofing around with them. I took a picture of a Junker black Cadillac sitting in the junkyard, and I said, Is this what you wanted? I was trying to get him to get clear on what he wants. 

That is what we all have to do too. Clarity equals power. What do you want? What do you want in your business? What do you want in your life? What do you want in your relationships? What do you want in your health? 

Think about it this way. Some people say, Man, I wish I wasn’t as fat. They want to lose weight. They start thinking about being fat instead of thinking about being fit. So instead of thinking, you know why am I so fat? The question is how can I become more fit? Getting focused and clear on what we want instead of thinking, Man, how come I’m not making money? It’s how can I make more money?

So day five is about instant manifestation. Get clear on what you want. Ask the right questions. If you haven’t come up with a daily affirmation. I would suggest that you use “day by day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” As you grow, as you win, as you start to expand more, that’s going to be the affirmation. Now, I leave you with this quote, then we’ll get on with the day. 

The quote is by Jim Rohn. He says “affirmation without action is the beginning of delusion”. Even though we’re affirming. We’re doing our affirmations in our declaration. We still have to take action. We don’t want to sit in our garden and say, there are no weeds. When there are weeds. What we want to do is take that action, pull the weeds out, and keep that garden-fresh.

This is day five of our 60 sunrises to success. We’re just gonna keep this thing rocking and rolling. Thanks for tuning in. Take back your existence or die like a punk. 

– Michael A. Huggins


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