Massive Action

May 30, 2017

Hey everyone, how is it going? Michael here, from Phoenix. I just arrived at the office, and I am about to help some people get a new understanding of what we do and how we help people.


Today, real quick, before I go in and do that, I want to talk about day 11 on our 60 sunrises to success. So I just got out of Best Buy and got a brand new phone. Finally, it was weird not having a phone for a while. I was walking through the airport yesterday, not having a phone was tough. But you know, we manage.

So today’s lesson is on massive action and starting now. My coach would like to say we all have to tap on our chest. It is subtle, tapping on us, but it’s something that we hear all the time. What I want to encourage you to do is take some action right now.

What Jim Rohn would say is the best word to go with action is massive, massive action. If you’re going to make some offers on real estate, make more than one, you know, make more than a handful, make a couple hundred, a couple thousand.

When you make phone calls, make a couple of thousand if you are going to knock on doors or you’re going to post ads. I mean, let’s take some massive action on that.

Massive action is the key and the name of the game for today. And a couple of other main pointers about action. As soon as you decide in your mind, guess what shows up. That ugly, mister, or what we call resistance.

What I want to encourage you to do is when you are feeling resistance think about it as an entity outside of you. It’s not you, it is another separate entity, and when you’re taking action and that resistance shows up.

The great news about this is while you’re out there doing and taking action. All the resistance can do is talk shit. So you don’t need to listen to him. It is going to show up, and this is the confirmation that you’re actually on the right track.

Okay, I can tell that right now. It is a confirmation that you’re doing something right. If you don’t feel resistance in the thing you’re doing. It’s not that important, to be honest with you.

Today’s lesson on 60 seconds, 60 sunrises to success is massive action. Along with taking that massive action, you’re going to want to do it perfectly. Well, I can’t do it just right now because I might need to do this and this, and then it’ll be perfect.

Then I can take action. Folks don’t fall for it. Okay. My mentor tells me to do is done over perfect progress over perfection. So if you go after it, you go for it. You’re going to get the momentum that you need. You’re going to feel excited about it.

So that’s the lesson for today coming to you from Phoenix tomorrow. We are going to be where we’re gonna be. We’re gonna be in Vegas tomorrow, talking to the team over there. So stay tuned. Day 11 for you. You guys are awesome. Stay plugged in.

Remember, the resistance will show up. Don’t be afraid of it. It is that confirmation. It’s outside of you. It’s not the voice that’s inside of you it is that little voice. You know, hey, I need to work out, or I should read a book, or I should reach out to that person or, I should go create something, whatever that little tapping is.

That’s what you need to pursue. Ignore the resistance, and it will come up. If you stay focused. Take that massive action. Remember, a couple of thousand. That’s the name of the game. Alright guys, have a wonderful day. We’ll see you soon.


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