June 27, 2017

Hey, everyone brought some friends with me today. Today is day 35. I got Christian Sadler with me. I got Stu Rosenberg from Brooklyn, in the house and I got my buddy Young Money. And today day 35 is about the mastermind. Okay, there’s a technique that wealthy people use to gain more ideas, more clarity, and move their project forward. That is using the mastermind.

So today on the mastermind principle, we wanted to share some ideas with you. The first idea is, for me when you’re masterminding with somebody, it’s always Yes. Whenever we’re throwing out ideas, it’s Yes. And yes. When you’re trying to create the next level of clarity for people you don’t throw, you don’t say no, that blocks the flow and blocks the thought patterns in the mastermind. As we’re throwing up ideas, we’re saying yes, and what happens is, all the people are engaged in the conversation. All of our minds connect to create another mind. So if you have three people in the room, there are actually four minds because the mind melds together to create another one. And that’s the one that we can tap into. I don’t know if you guys have ever looked at it before. But really, the whole game is all vibrations and thoughts. So when we’re sitting back thinking, how am I going to solve this problem, and you’re just by yourself. You only have your power. But when you’re with someone else, we’re able to tap in. I mean, the ideas are whizzing by every second of every day. And so when you’re engaged in trying to solve the same problem with a mastermind, you grab those ideas a lot easier, and they become a lot clearer. One of the guys has been masterminding for years now and creating more systems creating more intrigue. And he’s also created his own TV show, which was part of a mastermind that he was involved in is my good buddy Christian Sadler here. And why don’t you share with the lovely folks, the millions and millions of people watching the mastermind? How do we tap in and use the mastermind?

So as he said, when two or more minds come together, they create a third or an additional mind that is even more powerful than all of those minds combined. And what Michael keyed into is, it’s all about cooperation. If you get somebody in there that it does not have a cooperative attitude, it can stifle ideas. And what you’ll find in a mastermind is often the best ideas come from the least likely scenario, the least likely person comes up with the idea that takes things 10 times where they were. So it’s been an honor and a privilege to mastermind with Michael and grow together, as we’re building amazingness all over the place.

Everyone’s got to be in sync, and, and you’re able to pull out more concepts, more ideas, more solutions to what you’re trying to solve. Now, it is important to be protective, like Christian said, of the people in your mastermind, because not everyone’s there to promote it. Some people are there to just take, and we want to be in a mindset and mastermind of giving. So is that digital mind in the back there? What do you have to say about it?

Well, may the force be with us? With all of us? Honestly, you put minds together, you get some powerful things that come out of that. And we’ve been together quite some years now. Yeah. And we have moved mountains and we got a lot more mountains to move. So once again, may the force be with us.

There you go. Beautiful stuff. So day 35. The mastermind. Remember to seek out a mastermind. If you haven’t been engaged in one or you don’t. You don’t belong to one, go join some go look them up on meetup, go create one yourself. One time I was doing a mastermind with a buddy of mine. And we were like, Who? Who do we want in this mastermind? We started thinking you know, we need a doctor. We need a lawyer. We need an engineer. And as the weeks went on, and we started thinking, who do we want in our mastermind? Most people started engaging with us and walked into our lives and we recognize that, hey, I need you. You need me. Let’s go to work together. We created a few different concepts and some businesses that took us to the next level. So mastermind de 35.

Let me add to this just a little bit because oftentimes you don’t realize you’re in a mastermind but when you have an idea and a common goal, you end up creating a mastermind. We have Nick Young Money, Nick Young. And recently, we brought together a transaction just simply because we were collaborating and talking about the different things we had going on. And we ended up pulling together some funding for a pharmacy in Utah, which in just the last few months has become the third-largest pharmacy in Utah by volume. It’s a closed-door pharmacy, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Nick and Nick wouldn’t have even known about it without me. That’s the mastermind principle in full effect.

Wow, powerful, very powerful as you look at that, guys, so if you’re, if you’re stuck in a consumer mindset, or you’re in a slump, and you need to turn into a producer, it’s time to engage in a mastermind. And like Christian said, sometimes it’s not obvious. It’s not really structured. But connecting with people and being solution-oriented, trying to move things forward. Instead of being right, you’ll be able to produce the outcomes that you’re looking for. It’s all about being a producer and not a consumer. So thanks for joining everyone. Take back your existence.