June 04, 2017

Hey, everybody, Martin Potter here, we’re gonna go over day 16 of our 60 sunrises to success. And the topic for today. And each of these 60 days is going to bring you a step closer to manifesting your goals, your dreams, your business, and your relationships.

So day 16 is meditation. Now a lot of people think when they hear the word meditation, they think, Oh, we got to sit on a rug, or with our legs crossed and some incense burning, and do some chants. And yeah, that’s a great way to do it. And I’ve done it before and it works great that way. But that’s not the only way. We’re all unique. There are so many different ways to do it.
So I got Martin with me here.
“Hey, guys!”
Where are we?
“We are in downtown Denver.”
We’re going to go check out a movie. And real quick we got Mitch Nelson playing the piano. He’s playing the Mario Brothers theme song. Beautiful.

On day 16, we’re talking about meditation. Right now. What Mitch is doing for him with his piano playing. This is how he meditates. He does it through music. So if you guys don’t see yourself, sitting around, meditating, the way we traditionally think of when you hear the word, this is how he does it. I do it with music also, but I like to listen in the car. I could drive and focus and listen in the car.

So meditation, there are a couple of benefits. There are three main points on meditating, and why we need to do it. I got Martin here. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Potter, he is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs that I know, in real estate, and marketing. And a lot of guys don’t know his story. But this guy came from being broke as a joke barely being able to pay his bills. To now where, he went on 14 vacations this year because he decided to follow some simple principles in business and in life, that now allowed him to take back that control. So meditation day 16, what do you have to say?

“meditation is important. And as Michael said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sitting in silence. and have your legs crossed. You know, there are a lot of ways to meditate and clarify what’s going on in your life. A lot of people get stuck. They can’t figure out what to do, because they can’t focus on anything. Too many things are happening all at once. That’s life, right? Life happens to us all. So it’s important to take some time out of your day. You know, whether it’s, my therapeutic way of meditating is listening to music and just kind of zoning out. And I get a lot of stuff done mentally. Right. So it’s just important. To set aside that time.”

Ya, I found that if I don’t just sit down and focus, I could go days or weeks searching for an answer. Where if I could just sit down for 20 to 30 minutes, and just kind of focus on my answer, I could get that answer and move forward. And get done in what may have taken a month. I can get done in an hour of focused, intentional thinking. And that’s really what meditation is. Also, the return on time, right, the alternative of effort return on time, getting clear on that. And then one thing that Martin and I talked about years ago as we got started, that separates us from a lot of other people is what’s called the self-confidence formula.

“I have the self-confidence formula printed out and pinned on in my bathroom on the wall right next to the mirror. So what do I do when I wake up in the morning, I go into the bathroom and what do I see? Self-confidence formula. It has been crucial. It’s essentially an affirmation, right? And you don’t have to say it to anyone you can say it to yourself. That’s what it’s for. But I specifically deliberately say it out loud to myself while looking at myself in the mirror. And that has been a huge, not necessarily meditative, but it puts me in the right direction. It puts my mind where it needs to be and sets me up mentality wise, headspace wise. Right from the get-go right when I wake up.”

I’ll put a copy of this just in a comment so you guys can save it. You can save it to your phone and make that your background or look at it or print it out, put it in your way so that you have to see it. So you guys will be able to get this new model and this new process in your mind. It’ll just take one to two minutes a day. But I’m telling you, it’s going to bring the clarity that you’re looking for. I know a lot of people have been working hard on their businesses, and sometimes people for years they just don’t have that clarity. So self-confidence formula, I found to be crucial for me. And I just want to remind you guys, it is up to you to build the life, the business relationships that you want. It’s up to you. Okay, backyard existence, or die like a punk. 2

What if you don’t? Don’t? You’re gonna be sorry. Wise words, wise words from a real estate millionaire. I gotta meditate, please mind. Mix focus. And meditation technique is selling combos makes me relax? Yeah, it’s a manifestation of control over your actions. take some time, whether it’s five minutes or five hours doesn’t matter. If you don’t have time to meditate. One of the problems is you keep saying I don’t have time to meditate. I don’t have time and you’re just manifesting more time to not do an echo.

Alright, so with that being said, ladies and gentlemen, it’s up to you. If it is to be it is up to me. That’s gonna be your mantra while you’re meditating. If it is to be it is up to me. 10 powerful words. If it is to be, it is up to me. Well, Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for tuning in. Appreciate you.