Money Beliefs

July 25, 2017

Hey, everyone it is day 58. I’m just hanging out here in my hammock, just chillin, just got a hammock from one of my friends. It’s a beautiful day and I wanted to talk to you about today’s topic, which is money beliefs, and how to get over our contradictions. What are some of the money beliefs that you grew up with? What are some of the money beliefs that when you were introduced to money, people started telling you this is what it is. And this is the rules and this is how it works. And and this is, you know, the way it is, what are some of those things if you guys wouldn’t mind typing them in? I want to see if we got something in common. 



I’m just chilling right here with my lovely Vanessa. And we’re talking about money beliefs. And so some of the common beliefs. Well, here’s Mr. B. Our tree money doesn’t grow on trees. And we can’t afford that. And rich people only rich people have money. Money is stressful, and you have to work three jobs to get it. Okay. Yeah, we’ve heard that before. So what do these beliefs and philosophies lead to? Well, for most people, it leads to scarcity. A checkbook is like a bouncy ball. Yeah, filthy rich. See, so we have these different connotations that don’t empower us and make us really want to have money.

You know, I used to hear things from my friends and family when I was little, we’d see a really cool car, drive-by them guy. Well, that’s awesome. And then someone in the family would say something like, well, they’re probably assholes. They’re probably rich jerks that, you know, took two people’s money to buy that nice car. And so I grew up with this belief that rich people were assholes, I had no idea that they were actually some of the kindest people, and that you don’t, there are assholes everywhere. There are rich ones and poor ones. And so I had to learn that, that having money did not give you a certain status. Right? Very Remember that? Anyway, so some others you know, it’s not a scarcity thing.

Think about it this way. If riches were like candles, or like the flame on a candle, if you have your own candle, you have your own money, and then someone else comes over and lights their candle off of your candle. Did your flame shrink it? Does it get smaller? Did it go down a percentage? No, of course not. It’s a silly question. Your candle is unaffected. And so that’s so there’s enough to go around? What if I was really healthy? And, one of my friends was sick? If I got sick? Would I be able to give them my health? No, of course not. Again, that’s silly. But most people were raised with this belief around money. Right? That if someone has a bunch of money, or if you have a bunch of money, then that means that I can’t have any money because you have it all. And so it makes us think about scarcity, makes us think about Penny pinching and, cutting costs in a way that takes our mind off of abundance. So one thing that I do to help remind myself about abundance is I always keep a big wad of cash with me.

So you guys got money sitting in your bank account. First of all, do the math for a savings account paying you oh 2% is going to take you about 1000 years to double your money. So you might as well put it in your pocket and let it work on your subconscious mind. Okay, our subconscious mind is going to be tuned in or tuned out to the money vibration. And it’s if you want money to be your friend, and start paying around one of each of the bills. So I got a five and a 10 and 20s and 50s and hundreds even got some $2 bills.

Okay, so your money beliefs. One thing I really had to work on a lot was reminding myself that money is everywhere, money is abundant. It’s all over the place. And that just because I have more or someone has more than me that does not mean that I am lacking because someone else has more I had to really reassociate and work on my mind with that because I wanted to blame other people on it. You know, I had two jobs, a college degree and I want to go back. I’m poor because that guy and that guy and that guy took all the money and you can’t complain your way into riches. You can’t blame your way into a better financial position. And so I really had to reassociate the money game with the money beliefs. So my last thing that I want to bring up with you guys is the contradictions around us wanting to be philanthropists, that we have this good spirit inside of us that really wants to take care of other people and not see other people suffer. And we want to, if we have a bunch of money, we, of course, we’d give it away. And so there’s this inner being in us that wants to give away money and be that philanthropist. But then we also have from society been taught these beliefs that rich people are jerks and rich people steal.

So in our minds, it is a contradiction we want to give, we want to give and give and give. But then we also have this thought that rich people are Take, take take, and they’re jerks. And so the only way for us to give more is to get rich, to get more money to get in control, to get our finances straight to be good examples to our family. And so. But on the flip side of that, we think, well, we don’t want to turn to mean, we don’t want to turn into jerks. And so how can I ever have this money, and not be a jerk and be a philanthropist? But also, you see what I mean? We are talking ourselves into this spiral in this confusion circle, and so that people just drop it, I don’t even want to do it. And they go back to the old ways, in the old language in the old neglect around money. And I don’t want to see you guys do that.

So I wanted to talk about our money beliefs today. Yeah, so auto-suggestion, here’s something that will help me realize that there’s an abundance of money everywhere. And that is this saying that my money comes to me, this is the same, my money comes to me in various amounts from time to time. So when I’m still working my old job, and I tell my coworkers, hey, I’m starting my business. It’s growing. And they’re like, great, are you a millionaire yet? And I’d say well, actually, my money is coming to me in various amounts from time to time. And so you know, sometimes in business, we have 5080 $100,000 months, and then sometimes nothing until we start to really get our, our, our business and our path figured out. You know, so. So if you guys want a new mantra, you want something easy to take on, my money is coming to me in various amounts from time to time. And you don’t make that true.

The little things like picking up a dime, or a penny, or a quarter off the ground, we’ll get that money is still coming to you in various amounts from time to time, isn’t that great. So it’s a belief that your subconscious mind can easily adopt and take on. And it will really help you change the way you think about money. If your money is related to a clock, and you’re constantly thinking about overtime and minutes, it’s going to be hard to share your money. But if you know it’s coming to you in various amounts from time to time, sharing is caring. So share away. I appreciate your guys’ comments and interaction with this video. Tons of fun. Thanks for tuning in to talk about currency. Oh, the other thing. Thank you, sweetheart, for this lovely lady next to me reminded me that the root of the word currency, right current it has to flow. Think about that we have electrical currents and water currents and wind currents. And we have money currents, which is flowing, value flow, being able to transfer and measure and influence value and we use that with money.

If you’re a blockage for money, then the money is going to find another way around. It’s like a river, right? If you build a dam, it’s going to build up and then go and take a different path. So think about that with our money with our currency and letting it flow, let it flow in and let it flow out. Easy come easy go. And, and really start to associate that it is a flow. If your pocketbook is just you’re only taking money and taking it and taking it in. It’s not flowing, it needs to flow to have energy around it. So think about that. Okay, what else?

We talked about scarcity. This idea around currency and abundance and having an open hand and making sure it flows. My old mentors gave me a $100 bill. She held it up and said here you go. What do you want to do with it? And instantly, I wanted to hold on to it. This is mine. Holy crap. I haven’t had a $100 bill in a while. This was years ago. And so while I was holding this tightly, she threw the rest of the money at me. And I missed it because my hand was so tight around this $100 bill that I missed 1000s of dollars. And so she said all right, what do you think you need to do and I just opened my hand. And so once you threw the money again, I was able to hold on to a lot more. And it’s just it’s changing your way you think about money right? It’s a tool, it’s not something to value, it’s something to use.

Right you use a screwdriver for two screwdrivers use for software what that’s used for, right you use the money for what that’s used for the used measuring table that’s used for is just a tool. So if you don’t know how to use it right or you’re intimidated by it, there are instruction manuals on it, and there’s the proper way to use it to improve your life to improve other people’s lives. But if you don’t learn the manual, just like a PSA or something, you could definitely get hurt by it. It is a tool to use it, respect it, follow the rules, follow the laws, and just know that it’s there plenty plenty plenty, just like health just like the flame. plenty to go around. So next time you guys are in town, let’s hang out there’s a hammock big enough for people obviously. Money. It’s kind of windy out here. We fit three people, three people in here. Alright guys, well, thanks for playing day 58 check your money beliefs. Make sure you’re not contradicting yourself. And love to see the comments here to help take back your existence. Like a punk Hey, peace out guys.