Next Level Execution

August 04, 2017

Welcome to day 66. We are on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. I have the lovely Jessica Zaretsky here. Today I wanted to talk to you about next-level execution in your business, skill development, and your relationships. 



Alright, so today, we’re going to talk about next-level execution. My message for you guys today is don’t be attached to the outcome when you are working towards something. It’s your role, job, or task, and you do it regardless if someone likes it or someone doesn’t like it. If you don’t like it, it’s your job to execute. 

If you have a bad attitude, you check it out at the door, go in, do your job, and stay focused. That is going to help you with execution. Don’t bring the day’s troubles into your work. You can stay focused on making the production the outcome that you’re working towards.

Now I’m also here with this leader’s retreat. Jessica has been a great trainer. Throughout the years we’ve been working together, she is the real estate millionaire wealth builder. She’s our top-level executer. I’m also going to have her share real quick what that means. How do you execute, and what can someone take away?

 One of the things that I do to make sure that I execute is I create accountability partners. Some people like this gal over here, we get together, and I make commitments to them. Because I’m somebody who has a hard time letting other people down. I can let myself down all day long, but I can’t let other people down. I make commitments to them, and I get things done. Whether it’s real estate, in my personal life, whatever it is, I always tell somebody else, I get an accountability partner, and that makes everything come together like clockwork. 

Here you go guys, thumbs up for accountability partners. Take this thing seriously. When you’re committed to your outcome, whether that is your health, relationships, business, or career, you need to stay accountable. Stay focused on that, and you could do it. This is day 66 coming to you live with Mitch Nelson, hiding in the back here. Hey, what do you have to say about execution? To do it, you’ll be a millionaire if you don’t, you won’t.

Alright, guys, this is the truth. Now I’m going to bring you guys into the party real quick. The reason we were able to get here is by following the principles that we’ve been dropping since day one of this video series. So go back and review these things as you go through the videos, share them. Here we are at the leader’s retreat. One of the reasons why you can become successful is by changing who you hang out with. It’s not always easy. 

One way it got explained to me was to think about an elevator, your life is like an elevator. In different weeks, months, years of your life, you’re on different levels, okay? There are different people on the elevator with you. As you commit to improving your life, you start going up some levels. But the people in your life sometimes aren’t ready for that. They’re not ready to create success, control their life, or take back their existence. Sometimes you’re not ready. 

So do they get off the elevator? Now, it’s scary because they’re your friends, you think, wait a minute, don’t leave. But we’ve made that commitment to improving your life. You stay on the elevator, and you keep going. Unfortunately, some people decide to stay behind, but you know what happens. New people get on the elevator and are now committed to improving their lives. They start going up, and they go up with you. 

If you want to improve, if you want to go to the next station of life, you have to change who you hang out with. It influences our subconscious minds in such a crazy way that if you don’t take it seriously, you can let the people around you bring you down, right people don’t have goals. They don’t have dreams. They don’t have ambition or aspirations. People that don’t want to make a difference in other people’s lives. It will affect you.

So I got all these people here. I changed who I started hanging out with, I got on the elevator. I’ve been riding it up ever since and have been making friends with new people along the way. All these people here are business owners. They’re real estate investors. They’re next-level marketers and personal development trainers. They’re incredible people. I wouldn’t have been able to be a part of this if I hadn’t gotten on that elevator and started working my way up. 

If you feel stuck, think about who you’re spending time with. Are these people improving your life? Are they tolerating you? Or are they celebrating you? Real quick, I want to bring you a buddy. I got Anthony Miko here. Today we’re talking about execution, getting things done. 

I tell you, what you want to do is you want to set yourself goals. You want to make sure that you’re able to achieve them. Talk about execution. I set myself a goal that I was going to get this leadership. I’m here. I did it. I made it. How did I do that? I put myself and make myself accountable.

I bought the hotel accommodation. I got my airplane tickets. I said, Yeah, I’m going to do this. If I don’t do it, I’m going to be accountable for losing that money. And here I am, to set your goals. Keep your passion and make it happen. 

Thank you very much. Miko, congrats. That’s awesome. All right, guys, it is part of the thinking, you know, how would the person you intend to become do it? That’s what Anthony was talking about. He was saying, Well, how would a person who’s committed to showing up at this thing do it? Well, they’d buy their tickets, and they start taking action, they start going. 

In that high-level execution, guys, you got to be committed. You gotta ask yourself, how would the person that I intend to become do the thing I’m about to do? And then do that? Do with passion and intensity and enthusiasm and excitement? Tonight, Zach? See you guys. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to encourage you to take back your existence. You can be a boss. Get a job. Be a boss. Alright, take care. Have a great night. Thanks for jumping in. You guys are awesome.


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