Passion and Purpose

May 29, 2017

Guys, Michael Huggins here day 10 for our 60 sunrises to success, and I’m happy to bring another lesson to you today. I first want to start out with an interesting story. So yesterday, I was helping someone who’s never done snorkeling before.



 I said, “Hey, man, we’re gonna jump off the boat. We’re gonna go do some snorkeling, this will be awesome.”
And he’s like, “Nah, I’m good.”
“What do you mean good, let’s go”
“No, no I’ll do it next time”
“There is no next time. This is the time. Let’s do it right now.”
And so I help him get all set up. And I’m getting ready to jump in with him. There’s 10 of us all lined up on the boat. Ready, set, go. We jump in. We started going. We started swimming, we started snorkeling and I helped him get oriented. We’re swimming out and we could see the coral and the fish. It was awesome. And we swim to the beach, we get to the beach, and I feel something weird hitting my leg in my shorts, and I was like, Oh, I have been swimming for the last half hour with my phone in my pocket. It was a little difficult yesterday and traveling today without having the phone. I’m using my iPad right now. 

So Earlier in one of the lessons, we were talking about the perfect game, right? Whatever happens, declared perfect. And so, here I am sitting in a foreign country without a working phone. And my attitude is perfect. It’s fine. It’s great. Let’s go. And so in finding the benefit, you know, whatever happens, there’s always a benefit to it. And so I’m sitting there thinking like, Alright, I don’t have my phone. I needed to make a video today to share with the team and share with everyone and, and I’m like, well, where is the benefit in this? And I guess the benefit is a new phone. Right and when I first got the phone, it was the iPhone seven. Everyone was telling me to get the seven-plus because it could do better videos and I’m like, Nah, I don’t need the seven-plus. I’m not gonna be making all these videos. And then someone challenged me to make some videos and I’m like, well, I play the perfect game. So now I’m making the videos and now I have the perfect reason to go get the seven-plus with the better camera so I can bring better quality to you guys. 

Whatever is happening, if you are looking for the benefit, you can find it. Okay, just like me with the phone. I’ve never done that before. It was weird and at the moment I was a little frustrated. But then I realized, you know, everything happens for a reason. Let’s focus on having fun and being present with the people I’m with. Now I’m back in the states and I’m going to get a new phone. I’m actually going to do that. Right after this video. Go find myself a new phone. 

So real quick today, day 10. The message is about passion and purpose. What is your passion and what is your purpose? And if you’re working in your passion, one of the best things about working in your passion is it doesn’t feel like work. When you’re doing what you want to do, doing what you like, you can literally never work a day in your life. You can be productive, you can be busy, but it won’t feel like work. You’ll be loving what you do. So if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing for a living or what you’re spending the majority of your time on, let’s reconsider what that is. And let’s start focusing on our passion and our purpose. 

The next thing is you are more productive when you’re working in your passion. Now, there are a lot of people who work 10 or 12 hour days, and they barely make $30,000 to $40,000 a year. And they have a misunderstanding because they’re working long hours and they’re working really hard. They should be making more money. But the challenge is that they’re not working in their passion or with purpose. And so that financial compensation doesn’t really show up. And, I’m reminded of this quote by the Ultimate Warrior, because he’s talking about how he wakes up with passion. Every morning he gets up and before finding his passion he’d get up and he’d sit on the side of his bed. Slumped over, the chest caved in, just waiting for the day to start, instead of getting ready to engage in the day. 

What he found overtime was his passion as he became a world celebrity. Basically, everyone around the world knew the Ultimate Warrior, as he was growing and doing his entertainment. He found that he’s passionate about passion. Now, he says it a little differently. But basically, that’s what it is. He’s passionate about passion and helping people find their passion. And so, in day 10 of our 60 sunrises to success. If you’re not clear on your passion or your purpose, let’s spend some time and figure that out. I know that my passion and purpose right now is helping people get out of their own way. With coaching, with training with, with advice, with mentoring with, finances. I love calculating, I love running numbers and helping people restructure what they’re doing. And so it doesn’t feel like work to me. I’m so passionate about it. I love it. I’m helping my Grandma, I’m helping my mom. And I’m helping a bunch of people along with my friends. Just having this conversation around. Let’s run some numbers. This is my passion and my purpose. 

So that’s why I’m passionate. I was helping my friend’s dad run some numbers and making a strategy. But it doesn’t feel like work. I could do that 20 hours a day. Helping people see a new understanding. And I got that passion and purpose because someone did that for me, years and years ago. Someone helped me get clear on my passion and purpose, and they were living in theirs. And they were a great example of that. So, if you’re around people that are in their passion and purpose, you will focus and find yours if you’re not hanging around those kinds of people, reconsider your associations. Reference back to the video we made on the circle of influence that’s really going to help you. 

So with that, being said, day 10 passion and purpose stay focused on it. It’s going to help you get clear on what you want, you won’t feel like you’re working. And you will really enjoy what you got going on and you’ll earn more money doing it. When you’re in your passion and purpose you are more attractive to people. More people will show up in your life with different opportunities. Being passionate and purposeful isn’t just about business either. It’s also about your body and your health. Right, purposeful eating, passionate eating, making sure you’re eating clean. And eating on a regular basis. And the same thing with your relationships. Bringing passion to your communication with your friends, your spouse, or kids. Bringing that passion and purpose makes you want to engage more. So, think about that. Meditate on it, journal about it. Comment about it. Let’s continue this conversation.