Personal Initiative

June 20, 2017

Let’s talk about day 29 of our 60 sunrises to success. And today’s topic is personal initiative. I’m downtown Denver right now, got my buddy Cameron. We’re about to go implement some strategies we’ve been working on this morning and late last night. And I read something that got me inspired and I wanted to share that with you. And that is the quote in the text here today’s employer, who’s yesterday’s employee with the right mindset and the right opportunity, it just kind of blew my mind. And when you look around, most of the successful businesses built in this country are right.

So today, I got three bullet points for you on personal initiative. Number one, you got to be a self starter, you got to you can’t wait for someone to turn you on. This is something that you got to be responsible for being the self starter. Okay, so what that means to me, and we were thinking about this, when Bill Gates got interviewed and how he made his billions, he was talking about his personal initiative and being in the right spot at the right time. Taking massive action and having a vision. Okay, now, when I say being in the right place at the right time. Think about what your goal is, if your goal is to build a massive business, and to completely revolutionize your life, then what are you doing at the bar? Is that gonna actually happen at the bar? when you’re drinking and shooting the shit? Is that really in a spot where you can build the life you want to live? What about if your goal is to eat healthy? and exercise? Again? Is that going to happen at the bar? So you know, when Bill Gates was being interviewed, he had the opportunity, a lot of people had the opportunity to get into the personal computer business. But they were out goofing around, they may have had the vision, which is a key, they may have had the ability to take massive action, but they were not in the right place. Right. You want to be surrounding yourself with people doing what you want to do. And they’re on their way, just like you. So part of initiative is paying attention to where you are. Right being present. And then taking that massive action. Tony Robbins said you should never leave a goal setting session without taking step one, right? Don’t be one of those people who says all right, spend all this time making our goal. And, we’ll start tomorrow. Don’t do that. Being action oriented, when you set that goal, like we’re gonna go design this website, or we’re gonna go do this. You know, it’s this right now kind of attitude.

Alright, so number two major key is consistency. consistency and following through. This is what it means following through when the initial excitement and energy of the moment has passed. Okay, because if you’re like, Yeah, man, I’m going to work out, I’ll get a six pack. Right, you do your day one exercise, then tomorrow. It’s definitely not as exciting. Now you’re all sore, you got to go through the work again, you got to get sweaty, go get cleaned up. There’s that process. The initial excitement is now gone. But the follow through in the consistency of that is what’s going to give you the result you’re looking for. Another way of putting that is you may not love the process, but you will love absolutely love the results in the outcome.

Alright, so I’m reminded of a guy I got to hang out with this last summer. Become a really good friend. His name is Ron Williams. And that guy is one of the most decorated bodybuilders on the planet. Okay, that guy is now Mr. Universe seven times, Mr. Olympia and seven time Mr. America. Okay, that, you know, just getting one of those is incredible. And he’s done three of them seven times. And what he said a lot of the time is don’t necessarily enjoy the work, right? going to the gym every day, every single day to become that champion. You don’t always enjoy the work but you absolutely enjoy the outcome. So enjoying the process is not an expectation. If you’re gonna have personal initiative, you’re probably not gonna enjoy the process the whole time. But the outcome will be worth it and you’re going to work whether you enjoy the process or not. Also in consistency, which is part two of this is being able to say yes to certain things and saying no to other things. Okay, a good entrepreneur says yes. Oh, that’s a great idea. I’ll do that. Oh, that sounds like a great opportunity. Yeah, I’ll do that too. But a good entrepreneur says, No, no, I’m not gonna do that. That doesn’t fit with my goal, either. That doesn’t fit either. And they’re gonna say no. So you got to be able to say no. Oh, what a beautiful day. Okay.

Number three, Part Three to personal initiative is being solution oriented. Okay, we’re focusing on solutions. Too many people think that complaining or blaming is actually doing something about the problem. We’re not going to fall for someone with personal initiative, never blame or complain. They take full responsibility for the outcome. Okay, that’s going to be a major key for you guys full responsibility. Having personal initiative. Also in personal initiative is beginning with the end in mind, Stephen Covey, who wrote the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, that’s one of the habits is beginning with the end in mind. So what is it that we’re actually after? And how do we get there? begin with the end in mind as part of your personal initiative. Now, we’re going to end on this. Okay, we’re gonna end on this Dale Carnegie and I’m quoting a lot of people today, Dale Carnegie. He said, there are two types of people that never amount to anything in life. The people who don’t even do what they’re told, and the people who can do nothing more. Okay, we got to avoid that when we’re being told to do something by mentors or by trainers by people smarter than us. People that got the results we’re after. They tell us to do it. We do that. And then we do more than that to display personal initiative. We don’t want to be those people who can only do what they’re told. Right? What if someone doesn’t come around to tell you what to do? You need that personal initiative. So that’s, that’s what we’re talking about today. Personal initiative day 29. You got to have this major key. Okay, Napoleon Hill said that the personal initiative is going the extra mile and then getting that promotion this second mile that extra mile. There’s no traffic. It’s not crowded. There’s plenty of space. Plenty of room. So go that extra mile. Thanks for tuning in, guys. Thanks for plugging in shared a few if, if that was valuable for you guys. And stay tuned day 30 coming up, and it’s a beautiful day. Go kick some ass, take names and we’ll check in soon. Bye for now.