Play The Perfect Game

May 21, 2017

Welcome guys, day three. I want to start out by reminding yourself, don’t SHOULD on yourself. Someone comes up to you and says, “Hey, you SHOULD do this, you SHOULD do that”. That’s not true. That’s the story they’re telling themselves. What is the difference between the story and the truth? We have these stories around the activity.  Then there’s the truth of the activity. When you’re thinking about it, you’re processing it. Remember, how we label things is the experience that we get. Today is day three of our 60 sunrises to success. I’m in Northport, Long Island.  We’re about to get some lobster and we just had some clams. Day three, we’re talking about the lesson and limiting belief systems. What is your limiting belief?

When I first started this journey of being an entrepreneur.  Being a business owner.  That was what my mentor would say all the time, don’t should on yourself. Don’t should on me. Don’t should on yourself.  Don’t should on anyone.  That’s the first lesson about limiting beliefs, whether you should or should not. 

The next thing is engaging in daily affirmations. I’m always looking at myself in the mirror saying, “you know what, I’m a powerful communicator. I’m an excellent giver. I’m an excellent receiver. I got some important shit to say to people”.  I’m constantly doing these daily affirmations. I would encourage you guys to pick five. The key with the affirmations is to say it, as it’s already happened.  Instead of I will, say I am. It’s one of the biggest differences. It’ll work on your brain. I will be awesome, versus I am awesome. Your affirmations need to be in the present.  As if they’re already occurring. 

Then the third thing, which I’ll leave you with today, is what’s called the perfect game. The perfect game has three rules. Rule number one is whatever is offered, take it.  We’ve got limiting beliefs around if people can give us stuff.  If we owe them or we’re less than now because someone gave us something. It goes against the perfect game and reinforces those limiting beliefs. Play the perfect game, whatever is offered, take it.  I just got offered some clams on the half shell. taken it.  Whatever is offered, just take it. Rule number two is whatever is suggested, do it. I made Vanessa come to the circus with me. That was like, “Hey, let’s go to the circus”. She’s like, “I don’t want to, I’ve already been there”. I’m like, “well, you Haven’t been with me. Let’s go”. She plays the perfect game I play the perfect game. We showed up.  Rule number three, whatever comes out of your mouth describing your experience, whether you made a mess of it, or everything went great.  Whatever it was It’s perfect.  It went how it was supposed to go. When you’re sitting back thinking, should I or shouldn’t I, we don’t play the short game. Play the perfect game. Just go for it.  Quick recap. Whatever is offered, take it.  Whatever suggested do it. Whatever happens, declare it perfect. That’s day three guys, we’ll see you soon. Thanks for playing. Take back your existence or die like a punk.  Bye

“Take back your existence or die like a punk.” – Michael A. Huggins