Take Action. No More procrastinating

May 19, 2017

Hi guys.

I’m in Times Square. This is awesome.

This is my first time in New York. This is my first time also doing a Facebook Live Video. I’m doing some status updates. I wanted to remind you guys that if you have a challenge taking action. One of the easiest things to create momentum in your business and in your life is to do something that you’ve been procrastinating. So, for the longest time, I’ve had team members out here in New York and we’ve been procrastinating on coming out here. If you want to gain some momentum, pick something that you’ve procrastinated on go and do that, that’ll have some breakthrough energy and allow you to do the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. If you’re staring at a to-do list, that is your to-do list and it’s overwhelming you, then do the first thing, take action. It’ll create more momentum for the next one, and the next one, and the next one. That’s what I learned over the years. Now what I’m going to be doing is creating a daily message for you guys. I’m going to call it the 60 sunrises to success. What I’m going to do is give you tips, ideas, processes, systems that I’ve been using to create freedom, time freedom, money freedom in my life. One thing I want to commit to you guys is connecting. Showing you, try not to keep everything a mystery, and make it easier for you guys to get the results that you’re looking for. 



I want to encourage you guys to go out there, do what you want. You know,  the reason why I’m in New York is I found out that the circus is going to be in town. They’re doing their last show tomorrow. Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey, I’d never been to a circus before. So I decided, you know what?  Shoot, I want to go too! We got some tickets, hopped on a plane, found some other Renautas team members here, and we’re all going to the circus tomorrow. One of the coolest things is we’re going to go stop at the Renautas office tomorrow afternoon, make the whole trip a write off. That’s the key is how to make your lifestyle your business. What do you want to accomplish? How do you make it a write off and make it all happen?

I love seeing you guys here. I want to continue to share and inspire and don’t be shy when it comes to this. I want to see you guys do your videos too. So 60 seconds 60 sunrises to success. 60 days from now I plan on being in Great Britain. We’re going to be looking at picking up either an Astin Martin or a Bentley. Right, some top-end British motorsports. So we’re gonna go check that out.  60 days from today. We should be over there. So till then, we’ll come out with a video every day. I love to see the comments. Let me know how I can help and support you guys. We will see you tomorrow. Bye guys.

Take back your existence or die like a punk.