Reflect And Recognize Change

July 18, 2017

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of 60 sunrises to success. We are on day 53. And I’m actually in my garage here, we just moved a few weeks ago. And, you know, I threw everything in a box and got on with it. And now we’re going through some of this stuff. And it is blowing my mind some of the things I’m finding. And a lot of this stuff is actually pretty old because when I moved out of my girlfriend’s mom’s basement into our first house, we just threw everything in a box. And some of this stuff I haven’t gone through. 



So it was crazy. I’m looking at my pay stubs from my old Sears job and I was getting paid 9.25 an hour blows my mind. Then the other thing I found was this, my old schedule, I would write down, look at my old schedule, Jiffy Lube and Sears, open to close, no longer doing that crap. Then I found this interesting thing. So my first day of college, they had us write down an obstacle, something that we thought would stop us from completing our degree when we said we would do it. And then we were supposed to write it on this board. And when I wrote I wrote no car on this board. And then I punched it in half and threw it in my box. So anyway, no more obstacles here. Now obviously, I have way more cars, I’m getting another one here pretty soon got the Mustang in the back here. 

Then here’s something else I found. Look at this crap. I used to have to put this on because those long days I’d work at the shop, I’d get athlete’s foot, blah, yucky. And so just insane. Well, what else I found? Talking about I’ll deal with the new I found another friggin Xbox. Can you believe this? I used to have like six, found another one. Don’t need that either. We’re Out with the old in with the new. Going through some other paperwork. so crazy just got me thinking I need to share with you guys. And my mentor shared with me this way quite a while ago when it was as we’re progressing. And as we’re growing, sometimes it’s really hard to embrace something new. And so how they equated to me was look, imagine you are on a jungle vine, you’re swinging through the vine, right? You’re making progress, you’re moving forward, and then you get to the next fine and you grab that. Well, now you’re holding on to this one and this one, how much progress are you making? Are you going anywhere? No, you stopped making progress. 

So the whole process to move forward is to let go. You let go of the past and now you can swing forward and on to the next one. Do you see what I mean? So it’s something that we need to do with reflecting sometimes we forget how far we’ve come or what progress we’ve made until people start telling us, Hey, congrats, this or that neither are you start going through weird boxes, and I found out you know, I used to get paid nine bucks an hour now. I don’t know. I can’t even measure it with ours anymore. I mean, it’s a business. That’s gonna say 200 times more than that. It’s crazy. Now, what has changed?

So the point of today is in your reflections, looking back at your past, recognize the accomplishments that you made, but also recognize are holding on to that vine from the past, and you need to let go of that so that you can swing forward into the next thing? Okay, it’s incredible. Some of the stuff I’m going to go through, I found an old gold sheet, right, and about half of the stuff. I’ve gotten off of that goal sheet, found all sorts of interesting things. So the point is, focus on the future, let go of the past, and keep moving forward. law of reflection. And, and congratulate yourself for the progress you’re making. You’re doing a great job. And in it sometimes you forget it. I mean, it happens so slowly, sometimes in front of you, as it unfolds, where sometimes it takes an outside perspective to tell you hey, you’ve done a great job, you’ve made a lot of change. So do that for yourself. recognize what you’re up to, and I gotta hop on to my next thing so good seeing you guys. Day 53 Out with the old in with the new. Take back your existence, or die like a punk peace out guys.