Self Discipline

June 13, 2017

Hey everybody, welcome. I got my good buddy Mike Adams here. We just finished a record-setting Minnesota Twins game. We’re standing in front of the twin’s ball. And it’s pretty mesmerizing. It’s this big glorious thing behind us, the amazing stadium right here.


Anyway, today is Day 24. And we’re talking about self-discipline and the major key to success with self-discipline. So, one thing that I heard that helped me understand discipline is when Jim Rohn put it this way, he said, there are two pains that we have to deal with in life, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret, the pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons. So we get to pick, as business owners, as entrepreneurs, as aware people and people who want a better relationship, better communication, a better body, better fitness, better health, more money, we get to deal with discipline.

So some small daily disciplines add up over time to having a successful life. Now, Mike is a success, he’s been able to walk away from his job after many, many years, and built up a business around what he wants to do at home, he stays at home, he’s just telling me how he gets to make money while he has twins, he’s got some twin babies at home, he just gets to spend time with them and, run his life. But there’s a key to that. And that is discipline. So what is a major key, you want to share with millions.

When it comes to discipline, guys, you know, the transition from employee to entrepreneur is tough. And it takes an insane amount of discipline to do it. I mean, most people, when they run into a snag or a difficulty in their business, it’s so easy to get derailed by that and be focused on that and be consumed with that where you’re not moving forward in your business. It takes someone you know, really build a business, you need to really have that discipline to work your plan. And no matter what happens, you continue to work on that plan and continue to take massive action. So that’s really what’s done it for me. It’s about pure tenacity. And then just sticking with the discipline of Look, if you want something bad enough, you’re gonna put together a plan and you’re going to work it until you get there. And that’s what discipline is to me.

Love it, get some thumbs up from that. The other thing about discipline, ladies and gentlemen is the discipline in your schedule, if you put something down there to do it, you do it, no matter how distracting it may become, you know, I’m just constantly sticking to the schedule. That’s the difference between a successful person and someone who feels out of control is sticking to the schedule. Now another major key is a discipline on having enough fun in your life. Okay, you got to have some attraction, you got to have enough fun. That’s how we ended up at this place. Right? This is just all about having fun. There were 18,000 people at this game, they set a greater game record. They hit 20 runs is incredible.

So the last thing I want to leave you guys with and thank you for tuning in is with this discipline. When you experience a setback, I want you to have the discipline to look at it this way. A setback is a setup for a comeback. Alright, that’s all it is. It’s a setup for a comeback. So don’t worry about setbacks. It’s a part of the process. It’s a part of growing. If you’re sticking to a meal plan and you decide to get off of it for a day. That’s not a setback, but it’s just an opportunity to be more disciplined the next day. It’s all good. So thanks guys for joining in. Well, we appreciate you tuning in is day four of your 60 sunrises to success. We will see you tomorrow.