Serving Others

July 14, 2017

“Hey everybody, we’re hanging out, campfire, session time, talking some philosophy and attitude mindset with my buddy Paul here. And today’s day 49 we’re doing it making progress, getting closer to that success we’re talking about. Today’s topic, day 49 is the mindset of serving others and how to go about your day.


With the mindset, hey, I’m going to anyone that runs into me, I’m going to serve them. That’s my mindset, attitude of service. I kind of look at it as what, what do I want? How would I want it if we were Trading Places, right? I remember standing at the bus stop. And wishing people will give me a ride. I was like, dang it, they got a car and three open seats. I’m standing here at the bus stop. And, and so I was like, I decided when I get a car, I’m going to offer people a ride. I’m just gonna have this mindset of trading Places. Well, turns out, I get the car, I start asking people if they want to ride and they’re like, sure. Then one time, it didn’t turn out so well. So I stopped doing that. But I still focused on serving others. Coming from a place where you just got to be ready to serve others. Paul helps me out here. Why do you have an attitude of service for others?”

“So recently, in my life, I’ve had a lot of change occur. And it’s been very positive. And I believe that a good portion of the source for that positive change in my life. I’m Paul, by the way, as I took a look at myself and took kind of a searching and fearless moral inventory. I decided who I wanted to be. And one of the aspects of my character that I manufactured for myself was that I would be the type of person who genuinely enjoys helping other people. And to add to that philosophy, one of the dynamics of my attitude towards service is believing that the reward in committing service is in its completion. So as I find and search for opportunities to help other people, one way or another every day, I want to have either made someone else’s day easier or made their life better. As I continue to commit to that lifestyle to that philosophy to that being integrated into my personality, I find that those opportunities are presenting themselves to me in abundance.”

“So the idea is, the reward is in the service. When you approach something, the attitude of the reward is the service, not what can I get out of this? Then you’re not serving others, then you’re focusing on yourself. The service is the reward. That’s the easiest way to adapt to this new mindset. Right? It’s in America. I grew up and it was always about me, me, me, what can I get? What about me? And yeah, we hear that you know, what’s in it for me all the time. That’s what people are saying. Well, you know, I played the perfect game. We’ve talked about this before, whatever is offered, take it whatever suggested do it whatever happens to Claire, perfect. 

So a while ago, someone asked me, Hey, I need help with meals on wheels. And I was like Meals on Wheels. I’ve heard about this but I’ve never done it before. Let’s do it. So perfect. It was added to the schedule, right. I control my schedule. So started doing it every Tuesday Meals on Wheels. And it was pretty interesting. I got to meet some cool people, you know, it was a really unique experience. You knock on the door, yell Meals on Wheels, and they’re like, you know, some people can’t get up. Right? They’re stuck in their wheelchair. They’re stuck in a chair. And so I go in, put the food in their fridge, ask them how they’re doing. And it was a really eye-opening experience. And I felt great every time doing it. Every time it was like, you know, I walked in sometimes and I’m like, I’m busy doing something, you know, and then the alarm goes off, hey, Meals on Wheels in an hour, and I’m like, Ah, I’m kind of really, I could easily cancel, you know, there’s always someone, they’re like, Nope, I’m gonna go do it. And then right when I’m done doing it, I feel great. And I’m like, man, I gotta wait another week to do this. And then I want to do it again tomorrow. So this mindset of service and going after it gets addictive, and to now where it’s just I’m always, that’s just my, I have this mindset of service, is also saying hi to someone with a great attitude and bringing a good vibe and energy to people’s world. You know, what I’m saying? Opening Doors holding doors, acts of service. So instead of planning it like, which was Meals on Wheels, it’s now just a wave away, of just the way and understanding that the reward is, is the service. That was weird for me to hear the first time reward is in service.”

“You get used to engaging with people in a new way. So it’s, it’s something that I’m sure a lot of people have heard. And maybe even Michael has spoken on in the past, but just asking, How can I help, there’s a whole dynamic to that, as you’re out in public out and about, you start looking for these opportunities and particular activation is that the reticular, activator is going to start going off when you see these opportunities in front of you. And it may be something as simple as helping someone load their groceries into their car. Or it might be like, as you’re buying that coffee, or whatever it is, and you talk to the clerk and you realize they’re having kind of a rough day, month, year life, whatever, you know, listening for, for two minutes out of your day, hearing their story, letting somebody unload is in a way can be an act of service. Yeah. And then, in the end, you know, there have been situations where I’ve had conversations like this, and I’ve just been like, Man, you know, is there anything I can do to help you? You know, and then find yourself mopping a restaurant’s floor at 12:30. It happened really, what are you gonna do, and it’s great, you make a friend, it’s, it’s, the great thing also is, and this, I don’t want to tip the hat. But this is kind of the secret trick to it. If you can genuinely enjoy helping other people, and, and really, like get a good feeling out of, you know, jumping some lady’s car or changing a tire on the side of the road, or helping an old lady across the street, or whatever it is, if you can feel satisfied after that, and that is enough, that’s all that you needed. You don’t need a thank you even if you just need to know, for me, I know, all right, that person’s days better I did that. They will go home tonight and fall asleep and I’ll be in their thoughts. And you know, maybe that’s self-serving. But either way, it’s okay. Because it’s over, it’s done, I need no more external validation. 

Here’s the magic, if you’re that type of person, I swear it, you start getting bonus checks, the good stuff starts happening to you, you become the type of person who enjoys helping others. And then there’s a whole level of guilt-free reward that you can accept from the abundance that is the universe itself. You know, the universe will give you gifts and, and where maybe in the past, you’ve been holding on to some sort of guilt about deserving the benefit or reward of whatever it is, you know, whether it be a $20 bill on the side of the street, or a friend who just happens to have a pair of boots that you want, and offers them to you. You get to say yes and feel good about it. You get to pick up that $20 and be like, awesome. I got that the universe gave it to me because I’m a good person. It’s crazy. You can just pump that balloon full and it doesn’t, it hasn’t broken yet. You just gotta keep it up.”

“Well said. So that’s our challenge for you guys tonight. As you’re adapting this mindset of success and bringing new energy and vibration to what you’re doing. Service mindset is really going to help. What do you guys think? Service? Do You do it enough? Do you see other areas where you can definitely improve? Serve. So bonus checks, you got to go after it. Right now. I’m serving Paul. But giving him the stage. He’s an actor. He’s also a philosopher, a great guy. 

So day 49, service. Think about that. teach someone if you learn something new, teach them. Don’t call them up. Say Hey, I just learn this. Teach him something. Act of service. You know, smiling strangers, you know what I do? Which was hard for me at first but now I wave people into traffic. It used to be right up against the bumper. No, I gotta get in. I’m in a hurry and then I realized they’re just right behind me 10 feet. I could have been the person that waved him in, let them in. improve their day. Yeah, we work out. We get endorphins. We serve others and we get oxytocin. So thanks for joining guys. Thanks for tuning in. Day 49. take it seriously. serve others. That is the way to get ahead. Have a good night everyone.”