Strength Zone

June 10, 2017

Hey, everybody, it is day 21 of our 60 sunrises to success. I got my buddy Cameron Lewis here, and we are celebrating life, celebrating the team, celebrating success, got a lot of good things going. It’s a beautiful day right here in the park right now and I wanted to talk to you real quick because today’s topic is on your strength zone.



Now, a lot of people get confused when they hear the strength zone versus comfort zone. There’s a big difference between your strength zone and your comfort zone. We’re always talking about getting out of your comfort zone and staying in your strength zone. Now, what do I mean by that? When I’m talking about the strength zone, what I mean is, do what you’re good at. Okay, so in one of my businesses, I am good at being on the phone, I am not good with emails, I’m not good with spreadsheets, I’m not good with flyers, you know, so there are people on my team that aren’t good on phones that are good with spreadsheets and flyers and all that fun stuff. And so I stay in my strength zone, and they stay in their strength zone. The other thing that I’m also really good at that I know is my strength is I’m good at math. Alright, so if someone needs some math, they need a calculation, they need to project something, I’m good at that. And so people can count on me to do that. Cameron is one of the successful entrepreneurs that I’ve been working with for a couple of years now. And he’s got one of his strengths, we have a matching strength, which is working our asses off. Every day, we’re working on something whether it’s working on the business, in the business, or on ourselves. We’re putting in work. What is a strength for an entrepreneur that they need to focus on?

“Well, you and I were talking about earlier the strength of being able to study and know what you’re doing, know your marketplace. Really what comes down after that is just being able to implement it, which I will create that straining implements what I study. Stay focused on what you know you should be doing and stay in that course.”

Yeah, so when, I was getting mentored and trained all these years ago, I interpreted this as hire out your weaknesses. If people are better at using something, pay them for it. Okay, money is abundant money is an exchange of value. There’s always more. I could spend five hours on a PowerPoint that someone could do in five minutes or ten minutes, I’ll pay them to do that. And I’ll save my five hours. It’s a big deal.

So your strength zone is not your comfort zone. Stay in your strength zone. Okay, it’s important that you focus on your strengths. Society says you know, be a well-rounded person and, find out a weakness and get good at that. But that’s not what an entrepreneur will do. An entrepreneur, a successful person hires out their weaknesses and focuses on their strengths. So if you’re really good at something then go take more classes on it and get better at it and become world-class with your strength, not just average. Hire out your weaknesses, I promise you, that’s gonna be the best use of your time and money is hiring out weaknesses. It’s someone else’s strengths.

So thanks for being here. I invite you to stay plugged in like this video, subscribe, share it, whatever you want to do. I’m here to add value. And keep bringing you into this. This entrepreneurial lifestyle, build it big. If you need any encouragement, hit me up. Got any questions? I’m here? Don’t we’ll come to you again soon. Have a wonderful day, everyone.