Successful Habits

June 09, 2017

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. It is day 20 of our 60 sunrises success! I just finished dinner with some of these successful entrepreneurs, and we were talking about one of the keys to creating a lifestyle that you are proud of, and that is a habit. What I want to remind you about is the habits of your past will ultimately dictate your future.

One of the biggest habits that have worked for me, and I encourage you guys to do, is this habit of gratitude. No matter what is happening to you, whether you stub your toe, you are late to a meeting, whatever happens. One of my habits is being able to express an attitude of gratitude.

These habits of the past, have been able to put me into a place where I am now becoming a seven-figure earner. That is one reason why I feel like I need to share this with everyone. We just put a plan together with these guys to help them over the next year. Get their six and seven-figure incomes.

Let us talk real quick, major success habit. For me, it is an attitude of gratitude. What are your success habits? They are health and exercise. Never neglect your health. What about you? Community and networking. Always plug into relationships, building those relationships uptight.

Okay, Tom. They are pondering and journaling. Journaling, never skip an opportunity to journal. See, these are the little things. What’s your success habit? My success habit is adoring my goddess. See, he loves his wife so much she still gets called goddess after 39 years of marriage. These are the habits. It is a lifestyle of success.

If you don’t want to build a business, that’s fine. It’s still about having a successful life. Now remember, in our minds, habits are like water. It takes the path of least resistance. It is the opportunity to force the water or force this habit to flow in the right direction. An attitude of gratitude, focus on your health, communicate, journal, and adore your goddess.

Alright, guys, it’s fun hanging out with you. I’m excited about what we are putting together. Happy birthday, Vanessa. I love you. Okay, Goodnight.


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