June 29, 2017

Hey guys back in Salt Lake now, with day 37 of our sunrises to success. So today we’re talking about teamwork and how teamwork makes the dream work and teamwork doesn’t seem to work. So I’m back here in Salt Lake. We just finished another powerful workshop and some training where we’re masterminding with some more people to give you a quick little insight into what’s going on here. Teamwork, guys, we got our Spanish team growing, earning, and learning.

I want to talk to you about teamwork and the principles of teamwork and just making sure that you are in the right place at the right time. And a phrase I like to go off of is called aces in their places. Napoleon Hill talks about this principle of cooperation in his love success book, Chapter 13, I believe cooperation. And he talks about two different mindsets and two different personality types or demeanors. And when he calls the caretaker and what he calls the Dynamo and the balance wheel. So there’s people that are really energetic, the salespeople, the guy in the front of the room, the front of the project, whatever it is, and those guys need a lot of energy. And they’re men of action on the external side of things. And then there are people who are into the preparation, they’re into taking care of books, taking care of numbers, and making a video to say hi, hello.

All right, live, you never know what’s gonna happen. Okay, so teamwork dynamos and balance wheels if you’re ever given a task that requires you to be sitting in front of books, and writing down numbers and checking everything and you feel like you should be outside, then that’s what you should be doing. They went through and found that most people who got caught doing embezzling or cooking the books, as they say, were of the Dynamo personality type, they were supposed to be out in front of the world, not sitting in front of books. So it’s an interesting little observation that they made. Now also in working as a team, you have to remember that sometimes it’s not exciting, it can be boring sometimes. And if you’re really committed to the team, and to the mission and what’s really about to happen, then you’re gonna stick through the boring parts, you’re gonna see the project through. Don’t worry about it getting boring. And, guys like I said, there’s a lot of action in preparation, there’s a lot of action and doing and as a team, aces in their places. I know what I’m good at. So that’s what I do Jonathan back there. He’s good at being on camera and running the camera. So we let him do that. Tonya lady upstairs, she’s really good with computers. So we let her make the websites and the different videos that plug and play. It’s incredibly important that you engage in teamwork because no one can do it by themselves. There’s another phrase that says many hands make light work.

So if you got a big project at hand, go get a bunch of people with you and the work will feel lighter. Okay, teamwork makes the dream work. You know, I got to recently collaborate with Justin Johnson on his website and a couple of things we were doing. And you know, he’s really good at design. I’m good at the content. So teamwork makes the dream work. Andrew Carnegie wants to drop a quick quote on you. Andrew Carnegie said teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain common results. So I am now on the set. I’m getting yelled at to leave. You got this. I believe in you. That’s right. Okay, guys. If you’re not part of a team, then go and find one. There are many people out there that are the other half that balance the other part that you’re looking for in your project or in your endeavor, and it doesn’t always have to do with business. There are teams for health teams for fitness teams for you know, creativity and art. Their teams. You know, one of the most common teams is a marriage. Right? Working as a team with your spouse. So teamwork isn’t always pretty, but sometimes it can be really frustrating. And you got to remember to stick through the plan. Don’t quit early. Do not quit early. If you’re part of the team. You’re not allowed to quit. Okay, speaking of teamwork.

This is one of my most powerful team members right here. Judy, helping more people join the team. She’s really good at making people feel comfortable. I’m good at making people feel uncomfortable. So we’re a good balance for each other. Anyway, coming to you live from Salt Lake day 37 of our sunrises to success. Got anything to say about teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work. See. Look at that. He knows. We all know. Alright guys, appreciate you being here. Thanks for tuning in. Another beautiful day in paradise. I will check back in with you tomorrow for Day 38. Remember, build your team, be a part of the team, stick through it even if it’s annoying. The results pay for themselves. Alright guys, take back your existence or die like a punk.