The Real F Word

June 05, 2017

Hey everyone, it is day 17 we’re about to wrap up another beautiful day in Denver, and I wanted to talk to you about the real F word. What is the real F word? Well, guys, the real F word is fear. And, unfortunately, too many people misunderstand fear. And I want to share with you something that came across my desk, so to speak, a few years ago, in fact, about fear.



And it was this, he said, Look biologically, there is no place in our mind for the fear that a lot of us experience in today’s world. We go back to why fear was designed, there were really only two fears that we were born with. We were born with the fear of loud noises, of course. And then we were also born with the fear of falling. So any other fears that we experience in our day to day lives, actually, we put there or we allow other people to set those up in our mind, it is all in the mind. 

What he suggested, when I went through this training when he was talking about fear is that to go into your mind, and create a new place, or a new container, or a new bucket, to put this other kind of fear. So there’s those inherent fears, right, like, the loud noises and the falling, that that go into the category of this could kill us. Right. So if we, in our mind, we separate the fears of this side, this could kill us. And then on the other side, the fears that we experience, these could grow us. Right.

If you were on a motorcycle at night, in the canyon, while it was raining, and you’re experiencing fear, then yeah, we can put that fear in the this could kill me bucket. But starting a new business, that’s not gonna kill you. So that would actually grow you. And so you would put that in the other bucket. Right? This fear could grow me. Or asking someone out, right? If you see a person that you want to be with, and you don’t ask them, that fear that you feel should not be put in the this could kill me bucket but the this could grow me and so you go have that conversation? Or what about making an offer on a piece of real estate. Some people get so wrapped up in the “I don’t want to do a deal yet.” I want to watch another class or attend another workshop or get on another call. And at the end of the day, we have to face that fear, we have to start making offers. And again, that’s the kind of fear that could grow you.

So I’ve been talking to a few people today about their fear and what they’ve done. And you know, it’s at the office earlier today, talking to some pretty successful entrepreneurs and asking them about their fears. And I was going to talk to you tonight. And, so one of the people shared with me that their biggest breakthrough around fear, because they were stricken with fear when they were starting their new business, and what they understood is you don’t have to do it all at once. You just do one thing, do that one thing. And then as soon as you’re done with that, then the next step becomes apparent. And the next step becomes apparent. Imagine yourself sitting at the bottom of a staircase. And at the very top of that staircase is the thing you want. Whether that’s money, a relationship, a certain body, an accomplishment, a car, house, whatever it is that you want, and the fear part of your brain thinks that you’ll die. It’s going to tell you, oh, well, we can’t get on the stairs until we know every single step we got to know every step, step 8, 9, 10 11, 12. We have to know them all before we take step one. And so if we override that, and we just know that, hey, when we take step one, and we accomplish that, step two, becomes completely obvious and clear about what we need to do. And so you take that step, and then step three becomes obvious when you take step two, and step four becomes obvious, and then all of a sudden, you have this momentum, and the fear starts to go away. 

Is this making sense? Let me know because too many dreams, inventions, songs, whatever it is that we’re looking at, don’t get created and brought into existence because we let fear think that we’re gonna die from it. So what I want to leave you with is this. Separate these fears, the fears that can grow us, versus fears that could kill us. All right, obviously, we do the ones that could grow us so we can live a more abundant lifestyle, have more experiences, make more friends, and try new things. Who knows? Focus on follow through. Yeah, you never know what they’re gonna say when you make your offers. 

You just do it afraid you feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s the major difference between people who get what they want out of life and people who just get by. And in the fear you feel if it’ll grow you go for it. I got your back. If you want some encouragement, you want some help wondering what I would do. Hit me up. Let me know. I’m excited to stay connected with you guys. And I will see you tomorrow. What are we gonna do right now? We’re gonna go see The Alien. We’re gonna go get freaked out at a scary alien movie. So that’ll be fun. Alright guys, well have a great night. We’ll see you soon.