The Wild Curve

July 01, 2017

Everybody, good afternoon, Happy Saturday. And I want to welcome you to a property tour that we’re doing with a couple of other folks talking about how to turn this beautiful house into some income. And today’s an important day in the year because we’re halfway through. We’re halfway through 2017. And you gotta ask yourself the hard question, are you on track? Is everything lining up with how you planned on doing it? I want to talk about this thing called the wild curve. A lot of people don’t pay attention until about this time in the year, right, we’ve set our new year’s resolutions. And we’ve set some goals of how we want 2017 to turn out. But then here we are on July 1, and where are you at? What are you on track for?

Well, the last six months lineup for you to be what you plan on having them. So there’s this thing called the wild curve. It’s where there are two different mentalities. There’s the producer mentality, and then there’s the college student mentality. Okay. So throughout the year, college students will go off slowly, and then towards the end of the year, they really start to work a lot harder. We don’t want to do that. We don’t want to be crunched at the end of the year. The wow factor is at the beginning of the year, we work a lot. And then towards the end of the year, we can actually take a break because we’re going to hit our goals, because of what we did at the beginning of the year.

Speaking of How’s it going? This is unplanned. Hello, Pete. We’re live to the world, millions of people watching and what is today, the first day of what for your first day of freedom. First day of freedom. I was dealing with tension till 10:30 last night. Who would stay all night cleaning other storage rooms because of the end of the month? So I miss church socials because I couldn’t get away from work on the last day at work. So Pete here, in case you guys didn’t know has been working with us for about two and a half years. And in that time, he has been able to build a business, he’s been able to set up his self-directed retirement account. And now yesterday was his last day of work. He is retired. He’s done. He’s out of the game. As far as employment goes, and now he’s a full-time business owner real estate investor, so we’re really proud of him. I’m gonna give these people a tour of the house.
Next week. We’ll leave Oregon to see but we’re gonna Portland people.
Right. Oh, man. See, that’s, that’s a guy who’s ahead of his curve for the year. All right. So give you guys a quick tour. Do you mind sharing real quick? This is Danny. Hey, can you give us a quick breakdown of the numbers? Sure. Yeah, we picked up this house off the MLS actually. And we negotiated at 308. And we’re budgeted 40,000 we think we can squeak in at 35. But we budgeted 40 conservatively and are with the Commission that is only tonight. $90,000. And we sell it for 20. We’re gonna have some hard money costs another 20 grand, but at the end, we’re going to end up with about 25,000. If we keep all our numbers in lines, we could very well make 30.

He’s gonna make more on this deal than I used to make all your mile job making a year of teaching. Yeah. So being your business owner, it’s a major key. And again, we’re halfway through the year. So are you guys on the track with your goals? Let me switch this around and take a look at his property. Thanks, Danny. And you can see down here, it’s quite a mess. Quite an opportunity to add some value, please place up said is going to sell for $420,000 That’s incredible. You know, location is a major key. Do your research for you to buy a property. So we’re gonna go upstairs real quick. They’re running a quick training session. Some get a little quiet for a second but let me just bring you upstairs here.

They’re your mortgage interest deduction and your children. The other 13 nobody really knows what they are. I’m not totally sure that they exist. But they told me that they’re there. As a business owner, and as a real estate investor in that combination. I have access to over 400 deductions. Right. And so with those 400 deductions, it’s things like my truck, the miles that I drive in my truck, the food that I eat, right, I used to go out to eat more.

So this is a real estate project, guys, if your goal or your plan this year was to double your income and you’re not in real estate, how are you going to do it, you got another side business, maybe your goal is to pay off your house, maybe your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, or, you know, create a better relationship or learn a new skill. The point is, we’re halfway through the year, guys, it’s imperative that you take this seriously. because no one’s gonna do it for you, if you want a different result, you got to do things differently. Okay, so I’m going to include a little picture in this in the comments, so you can see what I’m talking about with the graph. And what a fantastic group.
When you’re thinking about your year, and how far you’ve come along, as you’re projecting into the future, the rest of the stuff that you’re gonna be working on, start to speak as if it’s already happened. You know, when you’re huge, you’ve already accomplished it. And you’ll see what I’m talking about, you start to feel, it just starts to be more real for you, instead of saying, Oh, I hope I can achieve this, I hope I can do that. It’s you who brings it into reality for you. It’s not hope anymore, you’re actually speaking, what’s new is always hard. But it’s gonna be harder to look at yourself at the end of the year if you didn’t hit your goals. So you know, some of you guys need to double down, because you’ve been goofing around for too long this year. And I get it. It’s tempting to goof around, especially when your business is growing. But you need to stay focused, we’re almost for some of you guys, we’re almost to the goal. And so we need to be staying on track. Let’s see anything else.

It’s a beautiful day on Saturday. nice neighborhood out here. You know, houses are selling. It’s a beautiful market day, lots of people want to do what we do. If you force yourself into a corner, what I mean by that is starting to make your goals public, start to tell people what you plan to accomplish. Because this next level of accountability is going to push you towards productivity. See, sometimes we don’t tell anyone our goals because we don’t want to be held accountable. And it doesn’t serve anyone. So Roger Bannister was the first human to run a sub-four-minute mile back in the 60s. And he worked himself into a corner by telling everyone I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this and no one up until that time had ever done that. So for someone to come out and claim that and then have all this pressure on his eyes on him, it actually made him perform a lot better. So that’s my question to us. What do you want to be held accountable for? What are you trying to achieve by December 31? Oh, Jonathan, are you trying to achieve by December 31?

Oh, man, okay, I’ll include the graph in this. But remember, guys, you gotta ask yourself that question. What do you want to be held accountable for? Is it losing weight? Is it creating a business? Is it gaining muscle? Is it learning a new skill? One of the things I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to be accountable for by the end of this year is fluent in Spanish. I’m working to be fluent in Spanish, I got audible in Spanish. I got Spanish books, I got Spanish CDs, I got Spanish, everything. I’m working on it. we’re ever going to Mexico in about five weeks. And then we’re going to Spain in about 12 weeks. And so I really want to be able to speak the language and have a lot more fun. So that’s my accountability. And why don’t you guys put yours in the comments so we can make it public and be held accountable? Okay. Do you have anything to say about halfway through the year? How’s your game going? It’s hot. Time. Pay attention, take the score. This you know we can’t do it for you. We’ll do it with you. We can do it for you. So let us know how we can support you. day 39 halftime. Appreciate you guys for being here. Take back your existence or die like a punk. Peace out.