Thinking Accurately

June 14, 2017

Everybody, welcome to day 25 of our 60 sunrises to success video training series. I’m Michael Huggins, your host. I’m glad that you are joining today. I have a co-host, Mr. Mitch Nelson and we are standing at a lake. We just finished a beautiful day of golf. We have this beautiful lake sunrise going on set. Alright, so today we’re gonna be talking about thinking accurately, what does that mean? Well, first of all, in thinking accurately, we need what’s called trust, but verify. And so you’ll take someone’s information to share it with you, and then you’ll go and verify it.

There are facts and then there are accurate facts, but what’s important, versus what’s accurate, could be a fact. But it could also be a misleading piece of the facts. Okay, so thinking accurately, is a major key to staying focused on your vision on your mission. Something else I want to share with you in being accurate is streaming the word. But when you’re creating your sentences, and you’re trying to share different ideas, do your best to say and instead of, for example, if you said, I want to get fish, but I don’t like eating salad. Then what that means because of your sentence structure is that you don’t like to get it and when you click the button, your sentence, you mandated what you would just set. Instead, think about how accurate it would be to say I want to get fit, and eating salad is hard. That’s much more accurate. Or if you said, I want to build a business, but I’m afraid to talk to people. And again, you’re saying you don’t want to build a business. So let’s be accurate, I want to build a business. And I’m afraid to talk to people, therefore, and be accurate again, with your language, therefore I will work on it.

The other thing that Mitch is good at doing and holding me accountable to is speaking preferences. Instead of saying things, well, I don’t want you to do this, which just that looseness in your language leaves so much open for interpretation, speaking preferences. I prefer that you do this, I prefer this, I prefer and you’re going to get a lot more accuracy in your language and a lot more effect from people that you’re trying to get an effect out of accurate thinking

Hill also wrote about it in Think and Grow Rich, and in his Laws of Success, it is something that you must pay attention to. Accurate thinking also has to do with the questions you ask yourself. If you always ask yourself, why am I poor? Or why am I broke? Or why can’t I figure it out? Those kinds of questions are going to lead you down a path that’s not going to serve you. So also being accurate and saying how can I figure this out? How can I have fun and make money at the same time? How can I make a tax write-off at a golf trip to Minnesota whatever? and make the question more accurate so that you get the outcome that you’re looking for. Okay, accurate thinking. That is today’s lesson. Miss Nelson, my compadre in golf. And we’ve just been through picking this thing up. What do you have to tell the folks about accurate don’t do it.

Day 25 accurate thinking does your best throughout this week this month. Replace that but with an and, it’ll force you to be accurate to see what I’m talking about. Have fun, throw it in the comments. Feel free to share it with people and share with me I want to hear what your comments are. What changed when you said but verses and then I’m gonna stare off into this beautiful lake. It’s gonna be very romantic.