Time Versus Money

June 25, 2017

Hey guys, day 33 here in Denver about to leave, I am headed back to Salt Lake. Finally, this will be fun. Been out of the house for quite some time. I was back in Salt Lake for a few days and it was Vanessa’s birthday. And then some of you know, she decided to go on a little trip. So she’s been out, I’ve been out for about two weeks now I’m going back home. Anyway, I wanted to bring day 33 to you guys real quick before I hit the road with my buddy Cameron here who’s studying currently. We just came across all these job sites, there are so many cranes out here doing some construction. We were thinking about time, the time it takes. So day 33 we’re talking about time versus money, and the two different mindsets that it takes to understand and utilize these different resources. And the upgrade, ultimately, is looking at the time as a tool. 



So tell you a quick story. Last summer, I went to one of the amusement parks here, which is called Elitch Gardens. It was a ton of fun, nice big roller coasters, a beautiful day, and the lines were crazy. When we first got there, I stood up, asked the lady at the very front of the line, I asked how long she’d been there, it had been over an hour. So I was like, well wait a minute. We’re gonna do this for an hour. That means we can only go on like, five rides, have to take a break, grab some lunch, this is not gonna be fun, What we do? Turns out, there’s a Fast Pass. So you pay an extra I think it was $35 per person. And we were able to skip every line. Now, the mindset I needed to shift to do what was difficult because I used to have this scarcity money thing. Around my mind. It was like I always wanted to hold on to money. I didn’t want to let it flow. And so I would always say, well, I’ll save the money, I’ll save the money and use my time. Heck, I could do it. Right. I could stand in line, I could do the painting, I could do the car work on my cars, like, you know, I was thinking I will save the money and spend the time. And that mindset would mess me up. Because then I get into a scarcity mentality and a lack of mentality, looking at my bank account. And the focus was all wrong is looking at the bank account instead of looking at the clock. Looking at the clock allowed me to stop worshipping money and focus on my time in the shift as well, I’m not going to spend my time on that. I would way rather spend my money. What do I value more, my time?

So when the opportunity after working on this, then that opportunity for buying the Fastpass came up. And it was a no brainer at that point. I was like, Yes, I want the time. I want the time. Here’s my money. Bought all the fast passes. We went on I think 12 rides in four hours. And we rode it out. We were done. Came with a free meal with the Fast Pass, which was a bonus. And it was so much fun. Everyone had a blast. And we’re headed out, we’re leaving the park. And a new family was walking in right? The husband and wife had four kids, there were I think six of us also or seven. Anyway, we just it was like one or two. Right? There’s still plenty of day left. We gave them the fast passes, right? Hey, we’re done. It was great. You should try the Fast Pass. It’ll save you a ton of time. And the difference in the mindset is what I’m wanting to talk about with day 33 here. Time is the reason. Time is the reason when you’re coming to a fork in the road and you’re trying to decide on different avenues for what to do. 

What would the person who values the time do? How would they act and go in that direction? Valuing the time letting the money flow in and out. Don’t hold on to the money. Money is not the reason, money is the tool. If you’re trying to execute something, let the money be the tool. I’m sure you got to put time into projects. I get that you got to put the time in. But it’s not the reason isn’t to save money. It’s to gain more time. So there you go. That was today’s lesson.

When it comes to time, think about these job sites that are going on right here. Think about the guys that are down there, doing the concrete doing the foundation, doing the building? What’s their time like? I mean, how long does this building take to go all the way up? So who has more control over time, the guy who owns the project, or the guys that are working on the construction site for this project?

So it’s much faster to raise and control than it is to earn and own. So we’ll leave you with that thought. We’ll check back in with you guys soon. Thanks for hanging out. learning so much. Right on guys. Good to see you. Thanks for playing. All right, beautiful people. Have a wonderful day. You are safe. Sunday Funday. Take back your existence, or die like a punk. Peace out.